Cycling is a practical and fun way to let off steam, explore the great outdoors and stay in shape. However, to continue enjoying being out on your bike, it’s important that you keep your cycling gear in fine fettle.

That’s where a bike service comes in.

Just like a car, if you take your bike into your nearest Halfords store every six months for a routine check-up, we’ll be able to identify the early signs of wear and tear, advise you about the best cleaning products and make the necessary repairs to keep you riding without experiencing any major bumps along the way.

Still not convinced? Here are four reasons why you should consider a Halfords bike service sooner rather than later.

Winter is always coming

Whether it’s spring, summer or autumn, winter is always just around the corner. During these wetter and colder times, your bike will undoubtedly start to feel the conditions.

For instance, frosty mornings can impact the way your bike’s chains move, while muddier tracks can cause decay in the bearings, chains and brake pads.

A bike service gives you the opportunity for an expert to assess any damage the winter conditions are having on your bike and make adjustments to keep it safely working.

Stay tuned

Think of your bike like a guitar. If you don’t use it for a while, it won’t be in tune when you want to play it.

During a Halfords bike service, everything from the wheel movement to the brake response time will be rigorously tested. This way, you can focus on your riding performance, instead of your bike’s performance.

Keep it clean

When you’re picking the right oil for your car, you have to check which one is compatible with your engine. Well, the same principle applies to bikes.

Whether it’s oil, lube or cleaning products, every bike is different. If you pick the wrong one, it might not work as well and you’ll waste money on a product that isn’t useful.

At a Halfords bike service, we’ll advise you on the best oil and cleaning products, plus give you useful guidance on keeping your pride and joy in top condition.

Identify and rectify

While fixing a puncture and oiling your gears are simple tasks, there are certain bike issues which might need to be looked at by a mechanic.

Identifying the early signs of on-set wear to the brake pads and cables for cable pull brakes will stop them from wearing down and fraying. For hydraulic disc brakes, noticing the early signs of a spongy performance can be resolved by re-bleeding them.

If you don’t get your bike serviced regularly, you may not pick up on these issues early on. This could result in an expensive bill or an unfortunate accident further down the line.

Starting from only £18, you can get everything from your brakes and gears checked, to having new and upgraded parts fitted by one of our experts at Halfords. We even provide free build and a lifetime of safety checks for all bikes and scooters for a one-off price.

To find out more about our bike service options, visit here.

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