Staycations in the UK are a fun way to explore an array of secret wonders on these shores and bring the family together.

But with some of the best staycation spots dotted around the UK, you might have to strap yourself in for a long car trip with the family.

However, before the “are we there yet?” questions start to ring around your ears, there are a few simple ways to turn long distance driving into an epic and headache free adventure.

In-car entertainment

Whether it’s kitting your car out with the best sounding audio system or in-car DVD players, investing in entertainment options for your little one can keep them smiling all the way to your chosen staycation destination.

Need a hand fitting your latest in-car gadget? Luckily, we offer an audio and car fitting installation service from only £30, so there’s no need for added stress before your staycation.

Make time for detours

Before you embark on any long distance driving trip, always do your research. While your staycation destination may have some wonderful things to do, your child could have to wait for hours before they get to experience all the fun. And in their world, a few hours feels like an eternity!

Merlin Entertainment seems to have a theme park or attraction in a lot of key geographical areas in the UK, while most bigger cities usually have a zoo.

Or if you’re bringing your bikes to your staycation destination, why not tire your little one out with a bike ride and a picnic. Take a look at our top traffic-free cycle routes for more inspiration, or shop for picnic equipment and kids bikes to make sure you’re kitted out.

Road trip bingo

Ditch rubbish I Spy games and try keeping your child stimulated with a game of road trip bingo. If you’re extra organised, you could create actual bingo cars containing certain things you’d expect to see on a long distance drive.

This can include sheep, cows, a red car or even planes.

Road trip bingo should bring out their competitive side and make sure they keep their eyes firmly peeled on their surroundings instead of the clock.

Encourage naptime

While you can’t force your kid to sleep, you can certainly encourage it by investing in a travel pillow or head support.

Built for comfort, you can pop on some calming mellow music on your audio player and hopefully, they’ll fancy a nap before their big staycation adventure begins.

Even if they don’t decide to sleep, at least you’ll have a peace of mind knowing they are travelling in comfort.

For more tips, check out our ‘6 tips for driving long distances’ blog.