Whether you’re a serial honker or find yourself on the receiving end of an angry driver, here are a few ways to keep calm and carry on driving. Read on for our top tips…

Before you set off

  • Driving upset or distracted means we’re more than likely not paying enough attention to the road. Getting into the car with a calm mindset will see you in good stead for a positive trip, even if there is a bit of traffic en route.
  • Leave a little time to make sure you’ve got everything you need will take off the pressure you feel when rushing.

On the road

  • If someone is causing you trouble, maybe tailgating or trying to encourage conflict, it’s best to stay away and let them past. Entering into a speed contest or driving dangerously in order to ‘teach someone a lesson’ is not advisable and could see you ending up in your own spot of bother.
  • Never get out of your car if someone leaves their own car to enter into an argument. How many roadside conflicts have you been witness to? First of all there’s the danger of being close to moving traffic, and then there’s the risk of being in a vulnerable situation with a stranger.
  • If you feel like you’re the one in the wrong, even if it’s a mistake, holding up one hand as a friendly acknowledgement can go a long way in helping to diffuse a potentially difficult situation.
  • If you’re feeling worked up by the behavior of another driver, try to find a safe place to stop and take a little time out before you calmly continue on with your journey.

After your journey

  • It’s often a good idea to reflect on a stressful journey when you eventually arrive wherever it is you’re going, and then try and close that chapter of your day. Maybe talk it through with a colleague if you’ve had to sit in rush hour, or a friend if you’ve been on a road-trip gone wrong. Equally, you might be able to identify areas of your own driving which you may tackle differently next time.