Do you remember learning to ride a bike? Most of us will have started out using a pedal bike with stabilisers. Times have changed though! Balance bikes do away with stabilisers and pedals, and are a really popular (and fun!) way to learn to ride a bike!

Read on to find out why a balance bike might be a great choice for your little cyclist…

carrera balance bike

  1. Balance bikes teach balance

It’s all in the name! Because there are no stabilisers, your child will eventually need to learn to balance to roll along. A balance bike lets kids learn at their own pace, letting them put their feet down, but not stopping the bike from leaning over (like stabilisers do).

  1. You can start them early!

Balance bikes are brilliant for really small children. They’re easy to understand, and there aren’t any dirty moving parts like chains to catch little fingers or make a mess. Riding a balance bike is also great for balance (obviously) and coordination for kids.

carrera coast

  1. They’re light

You might think of light bikes as something people use to show off to their mates, but it’s really important for kids’ bikes to be light too! For kids, a light bike means that they can pick it up themselves, and it’s much easier to ride and control. Because they’re so simple, balance bikes are lighter than pedal bikes, so your kids can get them out and play with them whenever they want.

  1. You can use them almost anywhere

When your kids first start riding on a balance bike, they probably won’t be going very fast or very far, but that’s a good thing! For novice riders, balance bikes don’t need a lot of space. That means your kids can use them in the garden or on the drive, and they can spend more time learning without needing a trip to the park.

  1. They’re simple

halfords balance bikesWithout gears, there’s hardly anything on a balance bike that needs maintenance or that can go wrong! There are also no exposed oily bits to make a mess or catch little fingers. You don’t have to worry about your kids taking too much care with a balance bike, and they’re much safer for very young children too!

And that’s why balance bike are great for teaching your kids to ride! Is your little one ready to start life on two wheels? Take a look at our guide to teaching your kids how to ride using a balance bike here!

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