You may come to us for screen wash, you might come to us for socket sets, but did you know there’s a whole realm of things we sell which might surprise you?


  1. Designed for cycling enthusiasts, every day cycling commuters, leisure cyclists, road448657 racers and mountain bikers to help you enjoy a safer and more connected ride, the Livall BH60 Bluetooth Enabled Smart Helmet is the ultimate smart helmet for an in-ride ‘experience’. When you want to stay alert but also enjoy a soundtrack to your ride, this is the helmet for you!

2.  461874Who needs a personal trainer when you’ve got the Elite Novo Smart Turbo Trainer? This fully interactive ‘wheel’ wirelessly connects to your preferred training programme, whether on your smartphone, tablet or PC to provide an immersive virtual training experience. Compete with friends, follow training rides and push yourself to be the best with Elite!

3. 450869Small but mighty! These smart bike lights react by flashing brighter and faster at roundabouts, road junctions, approaching car headlights at night and travelling into shade or tunnels. The See.Sense Icon Bike Light Set offers intelligent sensing to monitors the environment, which provides flashing patterns and brightness to keep you more visible.

4. 556354Find yourself worrying when cycling at night? This innovative solution combines the best of both worlds with plentiful storage space and illuminated LED’s to bring your confidence back. The Fhoss Illuminated Signalling Backpack uses advanced technology via a bluetooth remote control that allows the user to activate signals. It’s easily charged and has 100 hours light time!

5. 431752We’ll forgive you for thinking we sell small, fuzzy monsters, what you’re actually looking at is the Removu Wind Jacket for GoPro. It might look like a pet, but it works like a dream. Enhance the audio captured on your GoPro by reducing wind noise with this clever little jacket. Notice how your sound quality from your footage improves when the elements aren’t interfering with your ride!

6. 378877Ever wish you could capture your ride as you see it? Well now you can, with the SunnyCam Activ Edition HD Video Glasses. These smart lenses have a built in camera and high impact resistant frame technology, designed to handle the active lifestyle. This innovative video recording eye-wear lets you record the moment while you’re living it in real-time!

7.516440 Ever feel like you could do with a pair of eyes in the back of your head? Well whilst we can’t make miracles happen, we can introduce you to the Ring Digital Wireless Reversing Camera. For improved confidence when parking, navigating tight spices and reversing in the dark, this is a must have for the modern driver. The monitor wirelessly connects to the camera leaving your dashboard neat and tidy.

8. 448715Keeping your personal belongings safe while you’re out and about can be tricky, but now you won’t have to worry about your car keys with the Halfords Anti RFID Theft Wallet. This great little device is a universal keyfob wallet designed to fit 99% of vehicle key fobs. It works by isolating the key fob RF signal from devices commonly used be thieves to gain access to your vehicle.

9. 466758Say goodbye to Jack Frost with Demon Ice! This smart liquid is perfect for protecting your car from frosty nights and mornings. It can also be used the night before as an ice preventer as well as a de-icer that also helps prevent re-freezing.


10. 172357It’s no secret we get our fair share of rain in the UK, but the Rain-X Rain Repellent Trigger Spray is quick to apply and improves visibility when driving in wet weather.  It works to repel rain and helps to keep mud, bugs, salt, ice and snow fro sticking. Improved visibility when driving in the rain allows a faster response time to potential hazards, making for a safer driving experience.


326378Ever travelled with a backseat mini-houdini? The 5 Point Plus Anti Escape System is designed to stop little escape artists and keep them safely on their wriggly bottoms whilst on the move! This innovative piece of kit should stop your child from getting out of their straps with a smart 5 point harness.


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