You might be asking yourself this question after being faced with one of your first DIY challenges, maybe a self-assembly unit or even something a little more complex. It’s times like this that beg the question, ‘do I need multiple tools, or is it a quick-fix job a wrench can do?’.

Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions when it comes to deciding on tools…

Should I buy the tool that’s right for this particular job, or a full-set for inevitable future DIY-dilemmas?

If this is a job you can imagine having to face in the future, buy the best tool that’s right for that job. Look for quality and read reviews, do your research and you’ll end up with the best tool in the box, even if it’s only one. If you’re often the go to DIY-er in the house, and the jobs keep on piling up, it might be worth investing in a full kit for those ‘just in case’ occasions.

What are the perks of having a full set?

If you’re already asking yourself this question, chances are you need one but just need to justify the purchase. One of the obvious benefits to having a full set of tools is that you’re likely to have most tools fit for any common DIY jobs, which means no last minute dashes to the shops or borrowing from a neighbour. Another great thing about owning a full tool set is that they often come in a strong, sturdy case, fit for ferrying around if needs be, and this also helps to keep all your tools nice and organised!

Is it best to buy smaller sets when you need them and build your collection that way?

Of course there are loads of different ways you can build your tool collection. It might be one by one, it might be set by set, or you might just buy one complete set and call it a day. This is a tough one to answer, as it really all depends on a) how often you need them, b) what kind of jobs you need them for, and c) what kind of quality you want. If you’re not the type to take on some of the bigger projects around the house, a small tool set might be the way to go and purchased on a ‘as-and-when-you-need-to’ basis.

Which tools are good to have as part of a basic tool set in the house?

It might give you a bit more confidence knowing you’ve got the basics ready to use, just in case. A basic tool set should include (but not be limited to):

If you decide to pick these up as you go, remember to buy a protective pouch or case to keep them in good nick.

Do you dabble in a bit of DIY and need some more answers, leave us a comment below!

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