Throughout the year, it’s inevitable that we’ll experience a few wet days – after all, it is the UK!

But don’t let a bit of drizzle and grey skies put a dampener on your cycling adventures.

To help get you ready for those wetter days and stay safe on your bike, here are a few essential tips.

Dress to impress

Whether it’s summer or winter, always be ready for a sudden downpour by carrying a really light rain jacket or gilet in your pocket. This way, you’ll always have something to put on to keep the rain off!

HA6A2779Waterproof overshoes can also help keep you a bit more comfortable, as well as keeping your fancy cycling shoes from getting covered in muck!

We also recommend picking up a mudguard too. While a jacket or gilet will protect you from clean rainwater, mudguards are there to keep the dirty water from the road off you from below. This is particularly essential if you’re cycling to work, as you don’t want to turn up caked in mud!

Riding on wet roads

HA6A2674As always, keep an eye out for things like drain covers or painted road markings, because they can get really slippery when they’re wet. Puddles might hide nasty potholes, so we’d advise against riding through them – no matter how fun it is.

Remember that you’re going to take longer to slow down and stop, so take it easier in the corners as well and you should be fine. For a bit more help, run your tyres at a lower pressure for some extra grip.

HA6A2914Making yourself visible is also a really good idea in the rain. You’re harder to see when it’s rainy and miserable out, so put on some lights (bright flashing ones are good attention-grabbers) and wear bright colours to make sure people notice you.

For tips on what lights to use, check out our previous blog here.

Look after your bike and it’ll look after you

HA6A2813Our tips for caring for your bike after a wet ride are the same in the summer and winter. Get your drivetrain as dry as you can when you get home, and keep everything lubricated and clean. Also keep an eye on things like rims and brake pads, which will wear down faster in the wet.

So what are you waiting for? There’s absolutely no reason to stop cycling when it’s raining, follow our tips and you’ll be able to soldier on whatever the weather.

Have you got any top tips for riding when it’s raining out? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Hi Richard,

    Good tip! Diesel is especially dangerous because it’s so hard to see on the road.

    Ride safe!

  2. interesting articles, but I noted that in the winter riding and wet weather you warn about White lines and pot holes but one of the biggest risk I’ve found is diesel on the roads, whether this is near a petrol station or near a lorry park. I think this would be worth adding

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