If you’re one of those people brave enough to tackle the sales during the festive period, here are our top tips for making it out alive…

  1. Stalking

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We’re not talking, ‘reason for arrest‘ here, but we do think it’s a good idea to keep a close eye on your favourite products. Bookmark a product page or have the link open ready if you’re shopping from a smartphone or android device, that way when the sales tick over you won’t be googling ten different search variations trying to find what you want.

2. Contemplation

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”Do I really need this”? The conclusion is inevitably yes, and even if you don’t need it, with a hot new saving, chances are you’ll end up at YES. YES YES YES. Go on, treat yourself.

3. Going in for the kill

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Online, you’re in a safe haven to bag that bargain without the risk of causing a scene. In the shops, however, it might come down to a duel for that one thing you really want. Make sure to ask when it comes down to the last item on the shelf – chances are there’s a stock room haven hidden away, full of second chances.

4. Success

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It was a close duel, but you came out victorious! Those full-price goodies you’ve had your eye on made the Christmas sale edit, and you’re full of ‘I told you so’s‘ for the people who said it wasn’t worth the wait. Go on, show off your wins – retailers love to see what you’ve got your hands on, so take to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and see what happens.

5. Nonchalance 

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Nailed it! You might have taken down a small population of bargain hunters in the process, but you’re walking away from the scene like a shopping Queen or King of the sales…ENJOY YOUR MOMENT!!!