From tossing and turning, up all night listening out for those sleigh bells, to the mad dash down the stairs and their final few leaps to the tree; the moment they see ‘the one’ – their big present sitting under the tree, is unforgettable for kids.

With a little help from our friends at Netmums, we discovered a few of those first magical reactions from Christmases gone by when your children opened up their perfect pressies.

‘I said, “Oh yesssss”.’ Charlie, 8

And Alex, 9, was glad Santa misheard his request for a pet:

‘I asked Santa for a hamster. But I’m glad I got my bike instead as you can’t ride a hamster.’

For most kids, getting a bike is their first taste of freedom. It’s a chance to go off-roading and explore:

‘When I ride it I feel free as a bird.’ Oliver, 6

Seeing a bike for the first time can be a little overwhelming for some, but it’s a chance to gain confidence when they master the art of riding:

‘I was really happy but a bit scared when I got my bike because I’d never been on one before. I like riding really fast. I feel really brave on my bike and it’s a bit fun.’ Piper, 4

Halfords can help!

Thanks to Halfords, getting ready for big grins is easy this year. Whether you’re looking for their first wheels, or an upgrade sure to make them say ‘wow!’, our trained colleagues are on hand to guide you every step of the way. From choosing the perfect bike, building it so it’s just right for your child, and storing it for free until the big day, we’re here to lend an elf-ing hand.

Feeling a little overwhelmed with all the makes and models? Luckily, Halfords has a guide to buying kids’ bikes here, which makes choosing your little ones bike loads easier!

‘How I feel about my bike’

Need more inspiration? These kids told us why they love their bikes so much:

‘When I started riding my bike without stabilisers I felt really excited because I felt grown up. Riding it makes me feel more confident about other stuff.’ Charlie, 8

‘My bike makes me happy because I get exercise and fresh air, and can cycle with my dogs.’ Issi, 12

‘It’s yellow, my favourite colour. I feel smiley when I’m riding it.’ Samuel, 4

‘When I ride my bike mummy gives me sweets.’ Aiden, 4

‘I like my helmet because it’s a Frozen one. I like riding my bike because I can chase daddy.’ Natalie, 3

‘It’s my favourite colour, purple. I like riding in the park because it’s got lots of spaces to go really fast.’ Willow, 7

‘I feel speedy when I’m on my bike. I love riding my bike because I feel like I’m on a horse.’ Lilia, 11

‘My bike adventures’

And when you’re on your bike, the world is your oyster …

‘I would like to ride my bike to a restaurant.’ Samuel, 4

‘The best bit about riding my bike is going down hills. I’d like to cycle across the world.’ Lucy, 9

‘The best place I’ve been on my bike is The Cricketers pub.’ Oliver, 6

‘I would cycle to the North Pole if I could go anywhere because that’s a lot of cycling.’ Ben, 6

Jingle all the way

A bike really is for life’s journeys, not just for Christmas, and we’re here to make sure they get the bike they really want this year, without panicking mum and dad! From getting it off the shelf to under the tree, there’ll be grown up grins all round.

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