Enjoy cycling but can’t always brave the breeze? Make room for a turbo trainer in your living room.

Simply hook up your bike and carry on like you normally would, just in the comfort of indoors. Although you might miss the view, read on to find out how to make things a bit more enjoyable.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Even if you’re not trying very hard (and we hope you are!), you’ll be surprised at how much you sweat on the turbo. Without the wind to cool you down, you can quickly find yourself overheating. It’s best to ride the turbo in front of a fan to keep cool, and to make sure that you have plenty to drink.

turbo training

The art of distraction

No matter how much you like to ride your bike, it can get a bit boring when all you’ve got to look at is a wall! Lots of people like to train while watching the TV, listening to some music or our personal favourite: watching some old cycling races. It can help the time pass a bit more quickly and help distract you if you’re doing a really tough session.

Stick to the program

Another tip for riding on the turbo is not to pedal aimlessly! Having an idea of what sort of session you’re going to do can help give you a bit of direction and let you mentally tick off your efforts as you go along. The most common kind of session to do on the turbo trainer is interval training, where you do a set number of high intensity efforts for a certain amount of time with periods of easy riding in between. Even if you’re not super serious, it can help to break up the time.

elite turbo trainer

Measure your progress

As well as having a training session in mind when you get on the turbo, it’s really nice to be able to see how you’re getting on. Looking at things like your speed (or the speed of your rear wheel) as well as your heart rate can give you an idea of how much effort you’re putting in, as well as helping you see how your training is helping! If you want to get the best experience, you can invest in a turbo trainer that will measure your power output for a more accurate measure of your efforts and improvement.

halfords turbo trainer

Keep your eyes on the prize

Why are you riding on the turbo? Do you want to lose weight and get fitter? Are you riding a sportive next year? Are you a racer? Even if you’d just like to be able to ride a bit further next year, make sure that you know it! Setting a proper goal gives you something to focus on and a reason to get on the turbo to start with, and can make a big difference to your motivation.

So there you have it – our top tips for staying motivated on the turbo trainer through the winter! If you really want to mix things up, why not think about a set of rollers? You can find out more about rollers in our blog post: ‘Turbo Trainers vs. Rollers: Which one is right for you?’.

Want to know more about turbo training? Check out our beginner’s guide to turbo training! Or, if you’re already raring to go, take a look at our our range of turbo trainers and rollers.


  1. Hi Jerry thanks for your advice will give it a go and see how I get on all the best Sam. M.A.M.I.L !! ……middle aged man in Lycra!!!

  2. Hi Sam
    I have been using my Turbo Trainer for about 5 weeks. Depending on my time constraints I have done 20 mins, 30 mins and 45 min sessions. I train 1st thing in the morning before heading off to work (about 6am usually!) I am currently doing interval training with 8 at level 2, 6 at level 3 and 1 at level 4 over 45 mins. I am averaging around 20 miles in 45 mins with an average speed of 26.6 mph and a max speed of 44ish mph….for about 5 secs! Build up gently and don’t overdo things. I’m approaching 65 and quite new to cycling but need to get fit!

    Hope this helps you and gives you a starting point…most of all ENJOY it!

    Good luck

    Jerry (O.P.N.I.L.) Old Person Not In Lycra!

  3. Hi Sam,

    Our ‘favourite’ sessions to do on our turbo trainers are interval sessions, where you do intense efforts with short breaks in between. If you’re looking to get started, we’ve got a short introduction to interval training in our Beginner’s Guide to Turbo Training.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Hi I’ve just brought one of you turbo trainers have you got any advice on workouts?? Looked On line and to many confusing just need something straight forward and easy to follow mAny thanks Sam G

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