A bike ride a day keeps the blues at bay

  1. It’s no secret that exercise is a great way to keep your mood lifted, and whether you fancy switching up your commute or taking on a new hobby cycling, those endorphins you release can really help to banish the winter blues!

When in doubt, pedal it out

2. Whilst not only keeping spirits high, riding your bike means you’re not sat in your car or on the bus, or on your bottom at the weekend! You don’t have to start by moving mountains, keep your heart healthy with a little gentle exercise. Even a short stint on your new bike means you’re getting the blood pumping, and with the shift in temperature your body will be working twice as hard to keep you warm.

I’d rather be on the trails

3. Getting out and about on your bike has never been more rewarding than in Autumn. Treat yourself to a country escape as the leaves turn from green to golden shades of brown and red. This time of year really is a cyclists dream!

An apple a day…

4. You’ll enjoy your bike, and then there’s the fruits along the way…literally! Look out for some on-the-go nutrition courtesy of hedgerow blackberries and windfall apples. Autumn is the gift that keeps on giving!

You’re never lost on a bike

5. With the shift in seasons, you might find that there are fewer people visiting trail centres and the roads may even be quieter. Make the most of the peace and quiet, now is a great time to really get to know your bike and discover what kind of cycling you enjoy most.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

6. Autumn signals the start of cyclo-cross season; a discipline that combines both off-road and on-road cycling. Typical cyclocross terrain includes grass, woodland trails, pavement, mud and even sand! Why not start with a bang and give it a go?

Leave earlier, arrive happier

7. Swap rush hour for pedal power and cycle to work! Commuting by bike not only saves money but helps to keep you fit and healthy, not to mention avoiding all the germs that get spread around in train carriages and buses at this time of year.

P.S. You can get the bike you really want now by signing up to the cycle2work scheme. Find out more here.

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