Is it all of that stuff?! WOW…

Ever wondered how you’d spend £3,000 worth of Staycation goodies? Well Thomas from Dunstable was tasked with the fine challenge of spending the lot when he won our competition!

So, what was top pick?

I don’t spend much money on things so trying to spend £3k in one day was hard, it was really hard! I went through the whole site to choose what I definitely wanted, and first I picked the tandem bike! It’s got to be done hasn’t it! Even just thinking about having it is making me think, you know what, I can’t wait to use it! It’s gonna be great for days out, and I’ve even bought a kids bike trailer for the baby when she grows up.

Did you ever think you’d be sat having to spend that much money choosing from all those products?

When I got the confirmation email I didn’t even believe I’d won – I almost deleted it thinking it was spam! I never enter anything because I never win! I don’t even remember entering. I saw the competition on Facebook and just thought I’d enter.

What are you ‘all geared up for’ with the prizes you have chosen?

Me, the Mrs and our baby are driving to Greece in September! I’ve been working 7 days a week, non-stop and I really can’t wait to go there. I think the furthest we’ve ever driven before is London so we’re all really excited. My wife would always complain about having things in the back of the car, but now I can put them up in the roof box.

Any plans to use your prizes this side of summer?

I want to go on a UK Staycation! I’ve always wanted to drive to the top of Scotland! And if we could I’d really love to drive around the whole of the UK coastline, I think that would be an amazing journey.

We do too!