Have your old wheels finally given in? Whilst it’s sad to part ways with your bike, it also means that:

  1. A) you can get a shiny new bike and;
  2. B) you can get crafty with your old one!

Now you might be thinking, ‘why would I want old bike parts cluttering my house?’, but when you use our thrifty guide to upcycling you won’t believe what you can make!



This one’s for the racers! Just getting to grip with crafts? You don’t have to be a seasoned pro to turn your old handlebars into a cool addition to your home.

What you’ll need:

  • Screwdriver
  • WD-40
  • Superglue
  • Babywipes (trust us!)
  • 2 candlesticks
  • 2 candlestick holders

What to do

/ Remove your bar plugs (if necessary)

/ Loosen the shift levers and brake

/ Slide the shift levers toward the middle of the handlebars

/ Slide the screwdriver inside your grip

/ Squirt the inside with WD-40

/ Pull/wiggle the grip until it comes off

/ Use the babywipes to get rid of any grime

/ Pop the candles into the candlestick holders

/ Superglue the bottom half of the candlestick holders (don’t worry, this won’t be seen)

/ Insert one at a time into the hollow of the handlebars applying pressure for 30 seconds

Now all that’s left to do is place in your favourite nook and enjoy a different kind of ambience!

Off the hook!

Again, this is a really easy way to reuse your old handlebars. Follow the steps above to handlebar_bike_rack3 (1)remove them from your old bike, and then you just need to decide on a base. Wood is a great option, whilst strong and sturdy it’ll also look nice in your house…why wood-n’t you?

What you’ll need:

  • Bar ends (or wine corks…this will make sense later)
  • Inner tube
  • Steel pipe
  • Wall flange (to fit steel pipe)
  • Old handlebars
  • Quill stem to fit
  • Drill

What to do

/ Put handlebars into quill stem and flip upside down (this will make the structure)

/ Wrap the bar with inner tube to protect from scratching

/ Insert bar ends (or wine corks!) into the hollow of the handlebars

/ Attach steel pipe to wall flange and insert quill stem into pipe

/ Mount your handlebar bike rack to the wall by drilling and securing the wall flange

There you have it! Your very own DIY bike storage rack…or until you get your hands on a new one, somewhere to keep your jackets.

Wheely great memories


This one’s super simple! All you need is an old bike wheel…and some great photographs!

Optional extras:

  • Old bike wheel
  • Printed off photographs
  • Pegs (wooden ones are a fun alternative for a retro feel)
  • Gloss (for a more premium finish)

What to do

/ Firstly you’ll need to remove the wheel by adjusting the shifter up then raising your bike and cranking the pedals until the gear-shift is complete. Turn the bike upside down, then turn the rear axle quick-release lever until it’s fully open

/ Once it’s off, you might want to give the spokes a little TLC, depending on whether you’re going for a shabby chic kind of look or not

/ If you want a more lux-looking finish, adding a coat of gloss paint to the wheel trim can bring it to life!

/ Finally, print off your favourite snaps and use the pegs to attach them to the spokes

Psst…this is also a cool idea for wedding table plans!

Off the chain…


They might have caused you hours of tutting at the roadside when your bike was fully functioning, and now your old wheels have given in you can finally remove your chain once and for all! Put it to good use and make a quirky addition to your home decor with these interesting candle holders.

  • Old bike chain
  • Plastic bottle
  • Degreaser liquid
  • Marker pen
  • Chain tool
  • Candle (size of your choice)
  • Cardboard
  • Pencil

What to do

/ Place old chain in empty plastic bottle then pour in degreaser liquid

/ Shake until the liquid becomes blackened and dirty then leave it for a couple of hours

/ Remove the chain and give it a good rinse

/ Put the chain around your candle and mark the spot to split it with your marker

/ Place the marked pin in the middle of the ‘Y’ of the chain tool

/ Rotatte the lever until the pin comes out

/ Divide the chain in two parts

/ Repeat the same steps to get teo other pieces

/ Connect the end of a short piece of the chain to make a circle

/ Use the chain tool to push in the pin securely

/ Draw around the outline of your chain circle on a piece of cardboard

/ Cut around the cardboard and secure the first chain circle with superglue

/ Place candle in the circle

/ Glue remaining two chain circles and stack on top

All that’s left to do is light your candles, sit back and relax!