The Grand Tour might be over, but you can still ride like a pro as part of your own riding team. Get ahead of the game and find out how the guys at the top take the lead…

There’s no ‘I’ in ‘Team’!

There are loads of different team tactics and types of teams in the Tour. For example, some teams might be more worried about the green jersey, and try and make sure their sprinter gets to the end of the race (and the sprint points) in a good position and – more importantly – in one piece. We’re going to focus on the yellow jersey. Here’s our quick guide on how to win the Tour de France:

  • Keep your lead rider fresh! – Decide amongst yourselves who’s going to go for the win, and give him some helpers! That might mean using other riders to give him a slipstream (by riding in front of him and keeping him out of the wind), fetching his bottles, or even giving him your bike if he’s in a bit of a tight spot.
  • Clean your plate – As well as finding a faithful domestique to be your waiter when the going gets tough, make sure you’re stuffing your face whenever you can. Eat little and often to keep from feeling bloated and keep going. You can always find a snack at a feed zone (dedicated areas where team helpers hold out musettes – which are cloth bags – full of goodies), but otherwise you’re going to need to head back to the team car!
  • Stay out of trouble – As you’ve probably discovered at some point in your life, falling off a bike is not helpful for cycling performance. Keep your man near the front of the race, out of the way of crashes.
  • Don’t let them out of your sight! – Remember, the other teams are trying to do the same as you! If you see their guys riding away, help chase them down! If your team are riding away, don’t help everyone else to catch up. You might frustrate your rivals a bit, but that’s racing.
  • Human after all – Remember, even Tour winners are only human. They can’t attack the race every single day, so make sure that nobody else puts the moves on them while they’re vulnerable! Scupper the other teams’ attacks and give your main man a chance to rest. That might mean catching them up before they break away from the peloton, or it might mean breaking away with them – and then staying at the back and not doing any work!

Pinarello-Mallorca-Training-CampOf course, there’s more to it than that, but we hope this guide has given you a head start on understanding why and how the pro’s choose their tactics in the TDF.

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