Ever tootled into town by bike and seen something that caught your eye? There’s no need to leave that must-have behind, with our top tips you can easily enjoy a little retail therapy without a worry. You might even have bought a bike for the sole purpose of making the grocery run a little more fun, whilst keeping fit at the same time! Let’s start close to home…

The ‘minute milk run’

We’ve all been there. You’ve done the weekly shop and the cupboards are full to bursting, but then you’re half way through making a well-earned brew and alas – NO MILK! There’s always something you’ve forgotten, and it tends to be that household essential which can luckily be found at the corner shop. A bike takes half the time it does to walk , and with a basket there’ll be no crying over spilt milk – or those dreaded carrier bag hands! With no zips and no fussing, a basket is a great addition for those pop-to-the-shop moments, so you’ll be back home with the kettle on in no time!

The ‘pack a picnic’

Park. Picnic. Pannier. You’re only ever 3 P’s away from the perfect day! With longer, warmer days comes the opportunity to make those extra-curricular activities a little more relaxing, and spend the weekends outdoors. You’ll be forgiven for wanting to bypass the bus or the car to bask in the sunshine for as long as possible, and a bike is a fun alternative to get you where you want to be! Finding a shady spot at a local park and packing a picnic is a great way to get the family enjoying the outdoors this summer, and who doesn’t love a finger sandwich?! A bike rack pack is roomy enough to take everything from the bottle of squash to the quiche lorraine, without the strain!

The ‘tootle to town’

Jumping on the saddle to go a little further afield? If you love heading into town on two wheels, there are ways of making your journey home from the shops less stressful. Rather than balancing bags on the front of your bike, play it safe with a handlebar bag. You can even double up with an XL pannier bag when those till-point impulse buys are a must-have! Whether it’s groceries or clothes, lighten the load with our great range of bike luggage here.

The ‘shop til you drop’

Often found at till points looking elated, window shopping is an alien term for these spend-happy serial shoppers. Just think about those extra purchases that could be made by swapping a travel card for a bike, and pedalling home for the much anticipated try-on. When it comes to shopping by bike, this is when only a bundle will do. We’re talking storage in every available space. Come rain or shine, this frivolous bunch take to the pedals and put in the miles for a taste of newness. Is this you? Shop our full range of bike luggage, or bring your bike in store and we’ll advise on how best to load up for a shopaholic!*

*Too many bags? Shop our range of fold up bikes for when you need to hop on public transport for a mile or two!