Think GPS devices are a thing of the past?

Think again.

Introducing the new Garmin Drive Series.


Garmin have upped the GPS game and you’re going to want to jump on board. Say hello to the DriveSmart and DriveAssist.

Take control of your time

On average UK drivers will spend 127 hours during their lives stuck in traffic. Just think about what you could do with that time! With instant traffic updates, stay ahead of the curve on all your journeys and start to claim back your precious time. With no wires and no plugging in, there’ll be no fuss, just seamless easy updates every time you connect.

A sleek edge-to-edge screen makes for easy driving, with impressive high-resolution on a 6.95 inch display.


With connectivity at the forefront of the updated spec, the DriveSmart 61 combines hands-free Bluetooth calling, voice-activated navigation, and instant smartphone pairing to receive easy-to-read text and app alerts on the display.

Enjoy the finer things

Road trips become less stressful with free lifetime maps and safety camera alerts, so you’ll always navigate the best route with no hidden surprises on the way! That leaves more time to enjoy the things you love, and with TripAdvisor Points of Interest built-in, you’ll be stuck for choice of how to spend the time not stuck in traffic with loved ones.


An extra pair of eyes

For that extra piece of mind on every journey, the Garmin DriveAssist 51 offers all the features of the DriveSmart, but with a built-in Dash Cam. That means you’ll be driving with two devices on one; a fully-functioning Sat-Nav and a Dash Cam to record your every trip, whether that be your routine commute or a weekend break. It’s like having a reliable witness with you every time you leave the house, there to provide you with advance accident warnings, incident notifications, and most importantly the evidence you need if you’re fighting a claim.

To view the full Garmin Drive 2017 range, shop here.

The future is on your Garmin. Just look ahead and drive.

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