Schools out for the first half term break of the year, and you couldn’t be happier! No more last minute packed lunches trying to out-do the organised parents by throwing in a sugary treat to distract from the half sandwich. No more post-alarm arguments and ‘please get dressed’ bribes. No more forgotten – and remembered – PE kits AFTER you’ve left the school gates. Here’s to a week of family fun and relaxation…..kind of.

  1. Elation


Ahh one whole week of lie-ins, duvet days, and half pretending not to care about the Disney films that are giving you ALL the nostalgic feels. Kettle on: yep, you could get use to this.

2. Consideration


Nope, we don’t mean considering how lucky you are to be off enjoying time with the kids. We mean considering remortgaging the house in order to pay for a week long out of school club.

3. Acceptance


Of COURSE you can stay at your friends house for dinner. In fact, stay there all week! *Treats self to a beige special on the go*

4. Willing


Okay the week is almost over and I’ll be back at work missing the little rascals, let’s go down in style.

*Spends an arm and a leg at the local zoo on rides and lukewarm cafe food*. *Everyone returns home with a cold and refusing to do their homework as part of the treat conditions*. *Weeps into empty purse and wonders why you bothered*.

5. Panic


Of course I’ve left it to the last minute to read their homework diary. Of course we have no arts and crafts in the house to make that fully functioning volcano. Of course Billy from next doors mum made his on the first day off.

6. Freedom


You’ve never been so happy to see your humble desk, your dead plants and cardboard coffee, with the kids safely back behind the screensaver…

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