Whether you’re just getting into cycling, or have been with your beloved bike for years, keeping up a riding relationship can be costly. Check out our top tips for keeping your purse strings happy whilst enjoying a bike riding hobby.

  1. Cycle to work scheme

If you started cycling as a weekend hobby, or took up riding as a new form of exercise, that might be where it starts and ends for you. But if you’re looking for a way to incorporate more of what you love into your busy schedule, then it’s worth knowing the ins and outs of Cycle2Work. So how does it work? When you’ve found a bike you love, simply ask your employer to foot the bill, at the cost of manageable monthly repayments from your salary. This way, you can start to enjoy commuting by bike, on a model you want, without the upfront bill to worry about. Simple!

2. Do It yourself

Stuck with bike problems but not a pro? Don’t worry! There are loads of low-cost ways to fix those inevitable signs of wear, without the unexpected expense. If you get yourself a decent repair kit from the get-go, you’ll have it ready to use at home and no waiting around to get your bike back from repair. So what do you need? We recommend the following items for those quick fixes to get your back on the saddle:

The most common problem cyclists face is a flat tyre, a handy patch kit will come in useful for those unexpected roadside repairs.

A patch kit is definitely one to have in the bag for those small punctures, but when there’s a bigger blowout it’s worth just replacing the tube.

These little levers are a must have if you’re changing the tube yourself!

If it’s not a puncture you’re dealing with and just a flat, a small hand pump should have you back on the road in no time.

A multi-tool is always useful to have in your bag just in case you ever run into a sticky situation! It can handle a wide variety of repairs and it’s versatility makes it good value – and certainly cheaper than taking it to a bike repair shop!

3. Bike lock

You might wonder how spending money to purchase a bike lock is cost-savvy, but in the long run, it will save you the expense of forking out for a brand new bike if it got stolen! No matter how little time you plan on spending in a shop, or how briefly you leave it unattended, it’s best just to lock it up and that way you can be sure your beloved bike will be waiting for you upon your return.

4. Sign up early

If there’s a race you’re planning to train for, avoid late or day-of registration fees by signing up early. Then, if there is a cost you can save in advance and there’ll be no financial surprises on the day!

5.Join a cycling team or club

Whilst reaping the social advantage of joining a cycling community, this often opens a door to exclusive cycling benefits which are often obtained through the club. Members are often given access to favourable discounts on everything from clothing to accessories, and in some cases even bikes. Keep an eye on your local cycling club for member meet-ups and insider rewards.

What are your money-saving cycling tips? Share yours below.

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