Get ready for winter road trips with our Journeys Checklist.

Get used to checking these 10 things before every drive, and chances are the only thing you’ll have to worry about is where to plan your service station snack run stops…

  1. Coolant

If your coolant is low, top it up with half water and half antifreeze. If you’ve no antifreeze to hand, water is fine in the interim but try and top up at the first chance you get.

*REMEMBER never to open your coolant whilst the engine is running or hot!

2. Tyres

Tyres should be 1.6mm across the central ¾ of the tyre, all the way around. If this sounds a little alien to you, most garages are equipped with air pumps that will indicate pressure.

*REMEMBER to carry a spare tyre if you can – it will make a sticky situation easier to get out of if you run a flat or get a puncture.

3. Engine Oil

Whilst parked stationary and the car cool, check the dipstick and this will indicate whether you need to top up or not.

Top up as necessary via the cap at the top of the engine, and give the oil time to run down before rechecking the level.

*REMEMBER not to overfill

4. Windscreen Wash

It goes without saying that it’s a blinkin’ nightmare when you can’t see out of your windscreen. If you don’t have any windscreen wash solution, top up with water for the time being and grab a bottle next time you’re out and about.

*REMEMBER to top up before you leave, you don’t want to be that person hanging out of the window with a water bottle.

5. Lights

Recruit a friend to stand outside the car or park in front of a wall in the dark, then check each of your lights are working.

*REMEMBER to check ALL of your lights are working; indicator, brake, dip, full beam, fog etc.

6. The Fan Belt

Check for caps in the rubber or excessive wear. If you can hear a prolonged screeching whilst you’re driving this could mean it’s loose or slipping.

7. The Boot

Besides your breakdown kit or any journey essentials, get rid of anything you don’t need from the boot. This excess weight will waste more fuel, especially on longer journeys.

8. Wiper Blades

No matter how good your windscreen wash, if your wiper blades don’t work properly you’re at risk of damaging your windscreen. They aren’t expensive to replace and at Halfords we’ll even change them for you!

9. Battery

If your car turns on fine and the headlights work, chances are your battery is working as it should be. But for that extra peace of mind, pop to Halfords and we’ll check the voltage using a multimeter (fancy piece of equipment) that will give us a more accurate reading.

Got time to pop into your local Halfords? Let us spare you the hassle and give your car a FREE winter check whilst you wait in the warmth! There’s no need to book, just turn up and ask one of our friendly staff.


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