It’s been a long old month, and the easiest excuse to delay those new years resolutions was money! But finally payday is upon us, and what better a time to treat yourself on a bike you’re guaranteed to see through those goals.

For those looking to explore the highs and lows of our beautiful land, a Mountain Bike is a great place to start. If you’re not sure what to look for in a ‘good’ mountain bike, let us steer you in the right direction…

  • a lightweight frame for hill climbs
  • suspension fork for rough terrain
  • wide range gears to take the shock out of gnarly trails


Carrera Hellcat, £249


Boardman Mountain Bike Pro Full Suspension 27.5″, £1,500 

Whether it’s commuting or rallying around the country lanes on the weekend, a road bike will best suit your discipline, no matter what level of experience you’re practiced in. Again, there are certain features of a road bike you should look out for if you’re going in blind…

  • lightweight frame for a streamlined ride
  • drop handlebars for speed
  • steel fork for additional strength and handling


Carrera Zelos Road Bike, £250


Boardman Road Team Carbon Bike, £900

Ahh the humble hybrid, designed for fitness, leisure or even commuting. Especially great for beginners who haven’t found their niche, a hybrid will ease you into cycling with features such as:

  • relaxed geometry frame for an upright riding position
  • sloping top tube for ease of getting on and off
  • flat handlebars for ease of reach and positioning


Carrera Subway 1 Hybrid Bike, £250


Boardman MX Comp Bike, £600
Whether you’re looking to spend big or keep the purse strings happy on pay day, call in store and see us for some friendly advice on which bike’s best for you.

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