Graphene is incorporated into it and you can definitely feel it, it’s unbelievable. The wheelset was tested in all weather conditions and on all terrains, time after time the wheels proved to be very good – Strava

Getting yourself out on your beloved bike can often seem tough in the unpredictable weather, but Vittoria tyres are tough for all the right reasons!

Introducing the Rubino Pro-Endurance graphene tyres; with the perfect mix of features for most amateurs, but the endurance to succeed even the toughest of challenges. No compromises, these newest Vittoria tyres promise speed, phenomenal grip even at sub-zero temperatures, and thanks to the graphene compound, these tyres are up to 200x stronger than steel; making them virtually puncture proof.

For the chance to win a new set of these revolutionary tyres, simply comment on our LIVE Facebook post with why these tyres are the perfect match for your bike! And just incase you’re wondering, here’s why Our Customers Love Vittoria…

Very good looking tyres that, with a number of colour choices, complement the look of a bike perfectly.

They seem very resilient a couple of hundred miles in, with low rolling resistance, excellent vibration absorption and good grip. Would definitely buy again.

Never has a tyre ever made me feel so proud, running this tyre is the best thing you will ever do to your bike, smooth fast rolling, with confidence in the anti puncture material, and the grip is so good, you need these tyres!!!!

The competition closes 11:59pm on Sunday 22nd January, so pedal to the medal and enter now!*

*T’s & C’s apply

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