It’s the most wonderful time of the year…until January comes around and you face the worlds longest wait ’til payday. With the Christmas blues kicking in and and unhappy looking bank balance, it can seem like a miserable old road to February. But worry not! There are loads of ways to make it through the month on a budget, whilst keeping a smile on your face.

Cycling to work


Yes it’s cold and no you might not fancy it, but trust us, it will save the pennies! If its feasible for you to cycle to work, that means you’re saving up to 10 trips a week on fuel costs, and make you feel great! If you could keep that up for a month, you could be looking at a healthier bank balance by a couple of hundred quid!

Haven’t got a bike? Of course we’re not suggesting a big splash out on a new set of wheels, but did you know we honour the price of a bike up to £1000 on the cycle2work scheme? That could be a saving of up to 42%!

Did you know we also offer 0% interest free on bikes £399 or above? So the money you save on petrol could pay off the bike and still leave you in the green!

Pop in and see us, ride away with the bike you really want and worry about the cost further down the line – voila! Take that, January.

Cleaning the car


We know the signs of wear and tear on your four wheeled friend can leave you desperately googling local valets, but why not muck in at home and do it yourself? You can even get the kids involved, and they’re sure to love helping mum or dad with a bucket and sponge! For some top tips on getting your car gleaming again, we asked our friends at Meguiar’s to answer the questions you most wanted to know. Scrub up here with their sure fire ways to make you stand out on the road for all the right reasons.

Family cycling


It shouldn’t feel like a worry to keep the kids busy during January, especially with all their Christmas presents! But as we know, the little ones are quick to seek the next thing to do, and come the weekend they’re looking for a trip to the cinema or something new to play with. Keeping them occupied can be fun for you too with a family cycle ride! It’s fun, free time with the family, and they’ll love wrapping up and joining in with mum and dad outdoors! For some inspiration, check out our roundup of family friendly rides, with something for all ages.

WeFit so you don’t have to

halfords winter check

Jack Frost had his mitts on your car? If you’re worried about any under-the-bonnet blunders, call in and see us at your local store. We offer a free winter check for all customers, regardless of whether you’ve spent with us or not! This includes oil and windscreen wash top up free of charge. What’s more, WeFit bulbs, wiper blades and batteries from as little as £2*, so you can hit the road safely without your purse strings taking a hit.

Car seat trade in


Looking to boost your little ones safety for less? There’s been a lot of chatter around the change in legislation regarding car safety and booster seats, with the changes supposedly coming into action late on this year. If you’re worried that these changes will affect you, pop into your local Halfords for a chat with one of our friendly colleagues. Whilst we can’t deny or confirm the changes, now is a good time to think about upgrading your child’s car seat whilst we have our trade in offer live. If you bring us your current car seat, whether its from Halfords or not, we’ll give you 20% off the price of a brand new one!