We all have our own ways of making it through January, but if you’re still feeling the weight of the month ahead, let us lighten your load with these sure fire ways to turn that frown upside down!


You can’t be sad while riding a bicycle

Chances are you’ve already been bombarded with ‘new year, new you‘ emails, magazines and leaflets. So let this one not be about getting fit or losing weight, rather, dusting off that saddle and rediscovering your love of cycling this month. We know the purse strings can feel a little tight in January, so rather than looking for a new bike, brush up on brushing up your trusty old bike and giving it some TLC. You’ll have it looking good as new in no time, and the sense of achievement you’ll feel as it glistens in the winter sun is sure to boost your mood! If you’re feeling a little listless and in need of some inspiration, we’ve rounded up the best family cycling routes for some time spent together. With a sparkling bike and some quality time with loved ones, you’ll undoubtedly say “hello February” with a smile!

Spring Clean

Tidy room, tidy mind…

Whether it’s your pride and joy sat on the drive, or your handy hideout, perking up the places you spend a lot of time are proven to lift your mood and improve your ‘zen’. If you’re a commuter, combined with the British traffic, you’re bound to spend more hours in your car than you do having time to enjoy at home. But when you do get to enjoy a weekend off, there’s nothing more satisfying than grabbing a bucket and sponge and going to work on your car. With the ultimate in car cleaning to choose from, stock up on your favourite cleaning kits and wrap up warm this weekend, you could even get the kids involved! After all, many hands make light work.

If you’re more of a workshop wizard, January is the perfect time to get your shed looking spick and span(ner). Turn that pile of tools into a paradise you’re proud of!

Big Kids

Imagination has no age…

Maybe the only way you can think of making it through the month is by hibernating indoors, and that’s fine too! There are loads of fun things to do, no matter what your age or interests, and at Halfords you’ll find toys for even the biggest kids! Whether it’s setting up the little ones in a tipi, or letting dad loose with a remote control car, gather the troops and get everyone excited about a day indoors! For an all-inclusive activity, find pocket money prices on everything from card-games to quizzes guaranteed to perk up a rainy day.

Big Adventures

Life is a one time offer, use it well.

Whilst January might not be the friendliest month on your bank balance, it’s a great time to start planning those bucket list ideas and get excited for the year ahead. Whether you’re hoping to saddle up abroad on the bike ride of a lifetime, or drive the route of your dreams, nothing will cheer you up quite like bringing those mood boards to life. If you’ve nothing planned for this year, let us inspire you with our best of blue sky ideas here.

Peace of Mind

No amount of worry can solve any problem.

As the first month of the year, there’s no better a time to get organised. Those niggling things you put off before Christmas and promised yourself you’d action in the new year, get them actioned! Write down all the things you have at the back of your mind, and tick them off as you go along. It’s been proven that we feel less anxious and happier when we take control of our to-do lists and acknowledge the things we’ve completed. It might even be as simple as getting that windscreen chip repaired, which needn’t break the bank at £25! However small the task, when you add up all the little things, they equate to one really big sense of achievement! Show January who’s boss and make some time for you this month.