Brake-ing News! We’ve uncovered a series of worrying signs that British drivers are putting themselves and others in danger ahead of one of the busiest periods of the year on the roads.

Christmastime often sees motorists making longer journeys than usual when it comes to visiting loved-ones, but our survey of 510 male & female UK drivers revealed that a low proportion of drivers take the necessary precautions before setting off.

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We’ve all been there, ignorance is bliss when the warning light appears. But it would appear 31% of us are happy to carry on driving without even checking to confirm what we already know! With storms forecast for the festive season and a build up of traffic on the roads, windscreens are at more of a risk than any other time in the year when it comes to dirt on your vehicle. Don’t get stuck at the side of the road pouring water on your windscreen, next time you pass a Halfords, let us check your screen wash and we’ll even top it up for you for FREE. Hands warm, windscreen clean, job done!


From country lanes to dual carriageways, driving in the dark can be precarious enough during winter, without the risk of a blown bulb.

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 New driver? It can feel a little overwhelming when you’ve just passed your test; new car, new roads, it’s all new and sometimes quite scary. The last thing you want to worry about is a flat battery, especially when you’ve only just got going!

You might not know this, but WeFit batteries from as little as a tenner!

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Not so much of a Christmas cracker, rather a cracked windscreen! That little chip that makes an appearance might not stay so small for long, but our windscreen chip repair service is a flat £25 for every make and model! No need to book, just visit your local Halfords store and we’ll have you filled in and ready to hit the road in no time at all.

Whether you’re driving to work or driving to see relatives for Christmas, Halfords is here to give you peace of mind and help you on your way.