As Netmums Most Trusted Kids Bikes Retailer, we like to think we’re in the know when it comes to, well, kids bikes. But imagine if we could jump inside their minds and find out what they would really get up to on their two-wheeled wonder! We got behind the handlebars with some little imaginations to find out where their adventures would take them. Be inspired this Christmas and find the perfect bike for your little adventurer.


If the sky is their limit and they find themselves soaring amongst the stars in a seriously chilled out ‘space’, then our new range of Voodoo kids bikes will take them there. From around the rings of Saturn to a quick pit-stop on Pluto, and home in time for tea on a pretty cool set of wheels.With three bold designs to choose from, each complimented with an MTB spec which will have them the envy of their friends, they won’t look out of place no matter which galaxy they choose.


Have you got a mini Mat Hoffman on your hands? Chances are they’re rarely seen off the saddle and you find yourself googling ‘J-Hop’ and ‘Fakie Out’ to make sure you’re down with the kids. Whilst we can’t promise you won’t have to replace a pair of ripped jeans every so often, with our range of BMX  bikes we can guarantee they’re destined for big adventures. Whether they’re a bunny-hopping beginner or busy trademarking a tail-whip, find the perfect bike for your little pro’s.


Hot on the trail of Trott, it’s The Girl Racer. For her, it’s not about enjoying a leisurely cycle, it’s serious competition. She’s got all the gear and every idea about how she’s going to make her mark in the history of cycling. The velodrome is only an adventure away when you choose a bike from our Wiggins collaboration, this Christmas. Tailored to each discipline and made over in eye-catching branding with all the spec to get them the gold, this is a bike range made for winners.


It’s one small step for man, and one giant leap for your little adventurer when they zoom to the moon on their Carrera Cosmos. Do they ride with their head in the clouds? With feet firmly on the pedals, The Rocket Racer is destined for an out of this world experience behind the handlebars. They may be small in size but their imagination knows no bounds when it comes to cycling. With a model from our Carrera Kids range, we can promise a bike guaranteed to leave them beaming on Christmas morning!


We’re not 100% certain, but we’re pretty sure that if you could cycle underwater then Ariel would ride the waves on her Apollo Haze! This bike is perfect for stylish little adventurers, with it’s classy design and step through frame. Whether they’re taking on the rocky realms of the sea floor, or enjoying an easy ride with the current, the Haze is the perfect Hybrid to bring their adventures to life. Make a splash this Christmas with a bike from our Apollo Kids Bike Range.


Don’t be fooled by the frame on our Apollo Cupcake Bike, this is one for even the littlest of Zombie Warriors. It even comes with a handlebar bag and rear carrier, meaning that teddy or dolly isn’t left behind, and rather, their partners in crime! With matching accessories, this Apollo makes the perfect first bike gift for Christmas. Give them the gift of adventure and let their imaginations run wild whilst still getting used to the wheels. Watch as they explore, safe in the knowledge that the stabilisers will keep them upright as they learn.


If you’re looking to make their Christmas extra special this year, let us help you choose the perfect bike. Whether it’s a little journey or a big adventure, we’re no.1 kids bikes retailer for a reason. What’s more, we’ll build and store your bike until 23rd December, for a guaranteed surprise on Christmas morning.

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