This week we’re excited to launch our new range of E-bikes. If you’re just getting into cycling or looking to add a bit of oomph to your ride, this could be the bike for you.

For the commuter 


Rely on public transport to get you from A to B? Don’t let this put you off. Folding E-bikes can give you that extra boost on your way to work, without the worry of hauling them on and off buses, trains and tubes. As with our non-folding range, you choose whether you want to coast along with a little extra help, or switch to normal cycling mode and enjoy a more leisurely commute.

For the country bumpkin 

Ebco UCL30

More of a homebody than a big city dweller? How about taking on those hills on an E-bike. Enjoy the exhilaration of downhill descent on no power, then amp it back up again to get you over those steeper climbs. Built with design and performance in mind, you won’t look out of place taking on the trickier terrain in humble hamlets and chocolate-box villages. From The Cotswolds to Scotland, your E-bike will take you there.

For the style icon 


Thinking about buying a bike but like to stay stylish? With an E-bike, enjoy getting out and about in the fresh air without the worry of turning up dishevelled, all the while making an impression on a seriously good looking set of wheels. With the launch of our new range of E-bikes, we’re excited to introduce a new model in collaboration with Olympic champion Victoria Pendleton. Designed with the same care and quality as the other models in the Pendleton range, this beautiful new bike is an alliance of power and style, to get you there feeling debonair.

For the beginner 


If this is your first bike since losing the stabilisers, it can feel a little overwhelming when it comes to choice. But imagine a bike built to take away some of the pressure of riding again for the first time. With an E-bike, you won’t have to rely on human power. With the option to boost your ride, an E-bike is a great option for starting out again and getting to know your body, whilst adapting to the new challenges of cycling.

For the adventurer

Crossfire-E Mens

If you’re thinking, why choose an E-bike over a Hybrid, let us get you up to speed (or rather let it get you up to speed). With an E-bike there’s no compromise in supercharging your own adventure on the trails, just a cheeky added bonus for when you need a little nudge. Sat at the bottom of a big hill with a seriously gnarly trail for you to shred on the other side? Get to the best part quicker and amp up your quest on an E-bike.


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