It’s Christmas Eve. You’ve decked the halls. You’ve bought the bird. The lights are twinkling on the tree outside and the faint sound of sleigh bells can be heard in the distance.

But what’s this? An empty stocking? Worry not! We’re here for those last minute bits and bobs to guarantee a smile on Christmas morning. Whoever it’s for, these small but mighty gifts will make the perfect trimmings to an already wonderful Christmas.


For the early riser

Most commonly found in their natural habitat, stood by the kettle at the crack of dawn, the early risers are sure to be first by the tree on Christmas morning. They’re the ones leaving the drive way as you’re only just getting out of bed. Their cars are stacked with tea-stained crockery from the kitchen cupboards, and you would really like your matching set of mugs back in their rightful home. So there really is only one thing to buy the early bird this Christmas…


Keep it classy with a simple striped design, or add a little personality with one of our storm trooper travel mugs.

For the big sister

After fleeing the nest for the big city, she’s back with a bang for the festive season. Bags dropped at the door and phone in hand, you’ll find her cemented into the sofa until New Years Eve. And although few words are exchanged, here are some ideas for when it comes to saying ‘Merry Christmas Sis’.


Although you hate to admit it, you miss her when she’s gone and worry about her riding to University. Add a little touch of Christmas to her morning route with this Fairisle cycling top. Or for more of a pocket money price, the Pocket Selfie Stick is sure to make her smile with 20 props inside for added fun with the family whilst she’s home.

For the little learner

One of the greatest gifts to find under the tree is a first bike. Nothing can distract from the unmistakable silhouette wrapped and waiting to open on Christmas morning. But what do you get to go with their first wheels? Luckily we have some lovely little treats to fill up their stockings with once they’ve unwrapped the main event.


Pimp their ride with tassles or spokies for that added personal touch, and make sure they jingle all the way with one of our bike bells!

For the road tripper

If their car is their second home, chances are they spend a lot of time on the road, whether commuting or travelling. Every little helps when the hours pass behind the wheel, so why not make their journey a little more comfortable with some of our in-car accessories. If they use a handset for live maps, a phone-mount could mean the difference in hours of faffing to keep it in place and enjoying a much safer drive. Or how about a plush car seat cover for that added little luxury on the road.


For the Facebook fan

You could be mistaken for thinking their hands are (literally) glued to their phone, with the notification jingle jangling every other minute. They are a pro-scroller and a hashtag hero in the social media stakes, but what will guarantee they share their #bestgiftever?


They’re always close to a power socket and never without a phone charger, but imagine the worst if they were to fall flat whilst Instagramming the turkey in all its glory? Get them the gift of eternal power this Christmas with one of our emergency powerbanks. For a fuss-free filler with no wrapping required, our adaptors come in these cool baubles for a little treat on the tree!

For the beat bopper

Ahh the head bob. You can spot it a mile off. Sometimes you can even guess the tune. They start the Christmas music as soon as Halloween is over and you won’t find them without their headphones. CD’s are the obvious choice, but what about something a little different this Christmas? Make their winter walk one to remember with the headphone beanie hat.  Delivering fantastic sound quality whilst keeping toasty and warm, what’s not to love?


When socks just won’t do, Halfords is here for you.