There’s no doubt you’re calling them indoors earlier whilst the nights are cold, and it can leave you feeling a little listless when it comes to entertaining the kids. Days out are great, and after school activities are a novelty they love, but it’s not easy to find something that’s cost efficient and exciting for more than a fleeting moment!

Luckily, we offer a great range of indoor toys to keep them happy in the house when the sun goes down.

Hot wheels for cold weekends


Are they crazy for cars and mad about motors? Then our two wheeled toys are sure to keep them busy. Our Haynes ‘build your own car’ kit lets them lets them play in the pit stop with all the parts and tools to assemble their very own race car. Or if they’re more of a road racer then our hot wheels come in a choice of models for them to build up a full set of sizzling cars.

Do it themselves


Have they ever asked to help out with the DIY but too young for a toolkit? Well now they can be just like you with our tool bench set complete with accessories. They’ll have everything they need from spanners to drills, without the risk of injury or damage to your home. With 33 pieces in their workstation, there are hours of fixing fun to be had!


For the journey

Are you venturing out for the day but still need something to keep them happy on the move? How about a good old fashioned game of top trumps?! Whether they play pretend with Peppa Pig, or swap football stars, you’ll be surprised how far you get with this simple card game.

Table top fun

If they’ve got the kit, the net, and the sports subscription (and the kids, too), then they’ll love our football tables! Whether it’s dad versus mum or the little’s against the bigs, the competition is sure to heat up with this hand on fun. Pick a team and take to the handles for the next best thing in on-the-pitch sports.

Pop-up playtime

Are you forever dragging the duvet off the bed and building a fort from pillows? Now it couldn’t be easier to give them their den of dreams with our pop-up tents. With enough room to set up camp and take in their favourite things, it will be their adult-free area to make a little home inside the house. What’s more, your scatter cushions can remain in their rightful place (despite what he says…).

May the force be with you

Sometimes there’s double the force and you need to split them up! These star wars walkie talkies are a great excuse to get them in different rooms. Help them to plan a mini mission and turn down the lights to imagine a galaxy far away. With glow in the dark function and high tech design, they’ll love the digital sound quality and cool Darth Vader feature of these worldly walkies.


If you’ve ‘exercised’ all options this half term and hit the bottom of the toy box, why not wrap up and get the kids excited about a family cycle ride! Check out our post here for some inspiration on where to head.

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