Riding is great in every season, and with the change in weather comes a new challenge on your trails. In summer you’ll have undoubtedly enjoyed a nice dry, dusty ride or two, but that’s not to say you can’t have fun when the sun disappears. Although the wet and cold weather might slow you down, with the right adjustments to your bike there’s nothing to stop you throwing on your waterproof coat and embracing the elements.

Not convinced? We caught up with pro cyclist Dave Roberts for some advice and an insight into the life of a serial shredder.


Who am I?

I am just a boy turned man who loves shredding a bike. For me, the whole experience makes me smile; from prepping the night before (I love a bit of a spanner action) to meeting new people at the trails. And of course the main event; dropping in to one of the many trails we’re lucky enough to ride week in, week out.

What do I ride?

I’ve been very fortunate this year to represent Boardman and have my very own custom-built, Pro FS frame. It took a couple of months to get right with some geometry tweaks here and there but now it’s perfect!

What’s in the shed?

Sat in there currently are around 8 bikes; including 2 Boardman Pro FS bikes, a Boardman CX Team, a Boardman Road SLR, a Saracen Ariel 142, a Trek Session 8, Lapierre Rapt and a Subrosa BMX.

Why do you love it?

There’s no better sound than the friction of tyres gripping the terrain when going round a bend, and more often than not the laugh that comes when you eventually stop sliding down the dirt on your head after a crash! I’m sure it helps that people I ride with are as passionate as I am and we all enjoying laughing at each other when we do crash. The conversations we have had about jumping your first jump or railing a corner without touching the brakes will stay with me as fond memories. The conversation can be had in many languages, but as a rider we all understand each other by using our hands to explain!

How does it feel?

When I’m out on my bike, the emotions go from saying hello to a friend you haven’t seen for a while, to jumping out of an aeroplane (with a parachute), to being chased by a wild animal. That’s how it feels when I leave the car park with my mates, ride to the top of a hill, then dropping into the descent and hanging on to the handlebars for five minutes.

Why take my word for it?

I’ve got the proverbial t-shirt…I’ve been there, learnt and of course conquered many a trail!


If this isn’t enough to get you dusting down your summer tyres, these are just a few of the titles Roberts’ proudly has under his belt:

  • 3rd place at the 4x ProTour World Cup Series
  • Representing Great Britain at the 4x World Championships
  • Top 10 overall in the British 4x Series
  • 4th overall in the British 4x Series

Come back next week to find out more from the pro’s! We get some top tips on how to care for your bike in winter, along with some cheeky tricks you can do at home to amp up your ride.