Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving – Albert Einstein

As parents, we spend their early years wishing for the next thing, then the next thing. One minute they’re scaling the room holding onto furniture, the next you’re tying their shoelaces so they won’t trip outdoors. Then once they’re out, the adventure begins!


The experience that comes with a child’s first bike is one to bookmark as a fond memory. From choosing the one they want to letting go of the seat as they find their riding wings, every step of the journey from learning to ride a bike is a cherished chapter in growing up.

Ready, set, go!

Ready from the moment their feet touch the floor.

Whether it’s learning to walk or learning to ride, the first taste of freedom comes when little feet find the confidence to try something new.

You’ve got the bike, the bell, the helmet, and most importantly the springiest of sprogs who just can’t wait to get going. You’re wondering how fast the time has flown, whilst they’re about to begin their first little adventure.

My first bike memory was learning to ride on a really old second hand bike. It had no proper pedals just the sticks they are usually around. I remember the freedom it gave me and the sheer delight when I cracked it.

Steady as they find their balance

As grown-ups, we know all about balance. Not just the physical act of steadying yourself, more of a, I-can-totally-handle-all-aspects-and-demands-of-my-life kind of balance. When they’re little, they only have to worry about the here and now, and oh what a joy it is to watch them learn to ride!

My first memory was when the stabilisers where taken off and I had 50 yards of the scariest handlebar shaking I’ve ever seen!

They still need a hand to hold whilst they find their feet on the pedals, and admittedly it’s still nice to be needed. But there’s nothing quite like the anticipation of removing those stabilisers and giving them that push into the future of cycling! Where will their journey take them next? Are they destined for greatness? Is your little champ the next champion?

Going for gold

From toddler, to teen, to the track, there’s no limit on how far cycling can take you. We’ve witnessed some of our home grown stars claim the title in many a competition, paving the way for the next generation to become inspired.

We’re proud to have some great cycling ambassadors here at Halfords, and with Bradley Wiggins fronting our range of kids bikes, you can trust in the design and quality of each bike to give them those first tastes of freedom. From there, who knows where they’re route will take them.


Against the clock in the velodrome, fighting for their medals, or perhaps buddying up on the Tour De France. Whatever path they choose, you can count on a Halfords bike to take them on their journey.

There’s always chance to apply the brakes, whichever stage of life. Chance to sit back and enjoy the ride. Chance to stop the pursuit, the pressure of something bigger. Chance to live in the moment and take a little journey from the bigger picture.

My brother, sister and I went out on Boxing Day, my sister crashed into a parked car, fell off, and then I ran over her! We didn’t tell our parents obviously …

From childhood memories to champion applause, we’re there for all of Life’s Little Journeys.

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