Scooting’s great fun and staying safe is important, but bumps and scrapes are bound to happen no matter what your little one gets up to! Wrapping them in cotton wool won’t stop them, so here’s a few tips to keep your little one loving their ride for longer with less need for a plaster. Let’s start with helmets…


When they rush outside in a blur of excitement, these very important little accessories are easily forgotten. But getting them to wear it needn’t be a chore, especially with so many styles to choose from. Why not make it a little adventure? Head to your local Halfords store and check out our range, and if you’re not sure, here are our top tips for finding the perfect fit:

  1. Take a fabric measuring tape and wrap it around the head about an inch above the eyebrows. If you don’t want to do this at home, just ask in store and we’ll measure it for you.

  2. Measure from here, making sure the tape is level all the way round.

  3. Don’t have a measuring tape? Use some string instead! Mark or cut the string and then straighten it out next to a tape measure or ruler to get the circumference.

A good fit will see your child comfortable, with the helmet neither lose and able to move with movement, nor tight enough to leave a visible line on the skin.

Once you’re #helmethappy, the fun part can commence! Like bikes, scooters come in all shapes and sizes, with different styles for different uses and disciplines.

  • 3 & 4 Wheeled Scooters – Usually made from plastic, these are great for little ones just getting started with a scooter as the extra wheels make things more stable for wobbly toddlers
  • Adjustable Handlebars – These can be a smart idea if you’d like to get more use out of the scooter. As your child grows you can adapt the handlebar height to suit them – perfect for growth spurts!
  • Folding Scooters – Fantastic for kids to ride on during the school run, these scooters are easily portable, so once you’ve dropped the kids off you can fold the scooter away and carry it or pop it in the boot hassle-free
  • Electric Scooters – A really fun way of getting around, electric scooters tend to be powered by batteries which need charging, and can usually reach speeds of around 10mph
  • Stunt Scooters – Designed for slightly older children, these are usually sturdier (with clamps and stronger construction) so kids can easily and safely practise their tricks at the skate park. Remember, most folding scooters are not suitable for stunts or tricks due to their design – have a read of our stunt scooters buyers guide for more info

Finding a scooter-friendly area for them to make the most of their time on two wheels is also important. For beginners, smooth terrain is a must  whilst they find their feet and get used to riding, so a well-lit, paved park is a good place to start. As they become a little more self assured behind the handlebars, there’s chance to find a rockier route that might make it more interesting. Although it might be tempting to take them on grass for cushioning those inevitable tumbles, scooter wheels are happiest on harder ground where they can’t sink in and become stuck.

Now your two wheeled warrior is all set, check out our Scooter Tricks For Beginners where you can take them on a journey from ‘hippy jumps’ to ‘tail whips’. Read up for guaranteed cool parent status, and don’t forget to head to Halfords for all the gear and lots of ideas!



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