We’ve all been there, but ‘the dog ate my homework’ is a little dated for adult, real life situations. And we’re not just talking work. Have you ever fished around for the perfect excuse and ended up drowning like you’re trapped in the tank? Thanks to the new TomTom Go range, you’ll never find yourself lost, or lost for words again!

Welcome to priority driving; introducing smarter, faster, better connected sat-navs. We know that time spent in the car is precious, when you could be elsewhere. Whether it’s your morning commute or the road trip of a lifetime, we dug deep to find out what driving meant to you. The answers were clear; we want a stress free trip from A to B, with the least congestion and the freedom to drive the roads we want to drive. We want blue skies and open roads, we want to embrace coastal paths and ditch diversions. We want to get where we’re going without the worry of adapting to every obstacle on the way. No more hard shoulders, lay by’s and unnecessary coffee stops waiting for the traffic to pass. The future of driving starts with TomTom Go.

The TomTom 520


Small but mighty, the TomTom Go 520 is smarter and faster than ever. Enjoy lifetime world maps, with no update fee, and built-in Wi-Fi to keep your sat-nav up to date and in the know.  Activate Smartphone Messages for a safer drive, with your built-in driving companion there to read out texts and even make calls. There’s no need to take your hands off the wheel, the 520 is compatible with Siri and Google Now, which means you can tuck away your phone as you set off, and enjoy the drive without distraction.

The TomTom 5200


With all the built-in benefits of the 520, the TomTom Go 5200 also comes with a built in sim, which is great for those who know all too well how precious our phone storage is! Lifetime world maps is free forever, updating automatically with built in WiFi. With the 5200 you can plan routes on your phone and the sat nav will be waiting to take you there when you jump in the car. Traffic and speed updates are all included, and even get alerts for average speed zones. It’s the map-savvy friend you wish you had with you every time you set off, compact in a savvy 5 inch display with our best ever picture clarity.

The TomTom 6200


The TomTom 6200 lets you enjoy all the same features as the 5200, but displayed on a stunning 6 inch screen with our clearest display yet. With a built-in sim, the 6200 acts as your personal, on-the-move storage system, and your trusty travel companion Siri is back to keep you up to date with your calls and messages. Keep two hands on the wheel as you enjoy your fastest route ever, with free lifetime maps and speed camera updates to keep you scot-free from a to b. This sat-nav has got your back, wherever your journey takes you.

Enjoy your smartest, fastest ride ever with the TomTom Go range, available online and at Halfords stores.

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