Following the success of our multi award winning adult range, we’re proud to unveil three new designs in the Voodoo mountain bike range…for kids!


Whether they’re just getting into it, or looking to step up their discipline, the new Voodoo junior mountain bikes are designed with 1X gearing and trigger shifters to see them through.

Let us break it down for you,

The Voodoo Sobo 20”


This may be the smallest of our range, but this doesn’t distract from its performance power. Equipped with a 10” butted aluminium frame, alloy Suntour XCT forks and Shimano Altus EX fire triggers, this is one small but might mountain bike. Fitted with a shorter grip tailored to smaller hands, this also gives more room to position the lever to the child. Finished with a premium Voodoo kit, this is one bike sure to get them noticed.

The Voodoo Bakka 24”


The Voodoo Bakka has been designed with the same butted premium frame as the Soba, but with an improved front fork and lockout suspension. The Bakka also comes with 1X 9SP wide range gearing, and Shimano Altus rear derailleur to compensate those little thrill seekers.

The Voodoo Nzumbi 26”


The beast of the bunch. The 26” Voodoo model comes with a magnesium front fork and the same premium components as the Bakka. Citing lockout suspension and improved gearing, this bike is the one for those a little older who might be looking for the next in their mountain bike family. There are some serious journeys to be had on these two wheels!


Not sure how to get them into mountain biking, or just looking for a little advice? Brush up before they take off with our top tips below:

  1. What’s most important when taking them out is to know you’re route. Weigh up how far you want to go and plan a fun-packed trail with the aim of heading back before they burn out. Remember, it’s twice as tough on those little legs, so think about when they’ll start to tire and make sure you’re close to home. The first-timer distance calculator is half a kilometre for every year, so for example, 2.5km for a five-year-old. This isn’t set in stone, and each child will vary in fitness and resistance, so you can always extend your ride if they can handle a little longer.
  2. Take it easy. Stick to the smoother trails until they ask for more of a challenge. Not only does this give you quality time together whilst not being thrown around, it will help build their confidence whilst getting used to a new type of riding. Why not take them to a trail centre? There’ll be loads of other kids just starting out too, and what’s better to give them a nudge in the right direction than letting them share their learning with new friends.
  3. Lighten their load. A helmet is essential, and although they might want to mirror mum or dad with their own carry-on, they’ll soon tire of the extra weight. Keep them stocked with a water bottle, but tell them you’re in charge when it comes to stopping for sandwiches! They’ll thank you when they get longer behind the handlebars for travelling burden-free.
  4. Get the gear.They’ll want to look and feel the part, so when they’ve settled into the saddle and built up a little confidence, gloves and pads are a great to get them feeling like a pro. Then all that’s left to do is sit back (not literally) and enjoy the ride with your mountain bike mini’s!



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