We have a lot to thank our bikes for. For taking us down country lanes to catch the sunset. For those tricky coastal paths that lead to unspoiled shores. For the family trails and the memories made. We might move the pedals but it’s our trusty two wheeled compadre that makes the moments happen.


Our bikes go through a lot, just like our cars, so they deserve the same TLC, if not more! Through wind, rain and shine they take us from A to B, so it’s natural to expect a little wear and tear. Luckily, we have a great range of products to keep your bike in tip top condition all year round.


Our mates at Muc Off introduced this octo-kit of bike cleaning hero’s, which comes packed with everything you need to get your bike back to its former gleaming glory. This 8-piece bundle of wonder includes Muc-Offs famous Nano Tech Cleaner for quick and easy grime removal, and bike spray for post-wash protection against rust and corrosion. What’s more, all Muc-Off  goodies are currently on 3 for 2, so check out all of the other great products in the range!

Are you always looking for that one tool you just don’t seem to have for your bike? Say goodbye to wasted hours in the garage and cold hands digging in the shed, the Bikehut complete tool kit is a twenty-piece box of bike maintenance marvels.  No bolt too big or screw too tight for this ultimate tool kit.


I’ve used this kit for several strip down and re-builds. I’m a keen cycle mechanic and use expensive workshop tools for a living. These tools are excellent quality for the home mechanic. The quality isn’t far off the best and with a lifetime warranty it represents even better value.

If you’re less of the DIY-er and more of a leave it to someone else-er, why not let us look after your bike on your behalf. We offer a range of bike care plans to keep your bike in tip top condition, making sure you won’t tip topple off! Our Adult Bike Care Plan can cover you for up to three years, and includes free fitting on all parts and accessories purchased with us, and free fitting on all inner tubes. Our ‘Silver Service’ also comes as part of the plan, which includes an annual check of the following:

  • Checking frame and other core components for wear and damage
  • Checking hubs, spokes, rims and tyres for damage and that wheels are true
  • Alignment of brakes and checking operation and effectiveness
  • Lubricating chain and checking for wear
  • Inspecting brake pads for wear and damage
  • Setting gear stops and adjustment of indexing
  • Checking front chainwheel, rear sprockets/cassette for wear
  • Inspecting bottom bracket for play and adjustment
  • Checking alignment and wear of front and rear mechanics
  • Checking bearings, crank bolts and pedals for wear and damage
  • Inflating tyres to thecorrect pressure
  • Ensuring set up and positioning of the bike

We also offer a Premium care plan for bikes worth over £500, which includes 3 years’ service for the price of 2!

Whether you’re seeking adventure on two wheels, or perhaps finding some fresh air from A to B, take time to look after your bike with Halfords.

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