Scooters can’t be beat for their urban cool. A familiar sight in cities across the continent, they’re revered for their compact size and ability to speedily nip across cities.

Alas, the average city’s maze-like design means that if you don’t know where you’re going, you’re either going to have to put up with a motorbike sat nav, or rely on your phone… until now.

Committed to their mission of making every journey easier and faster, TomTom have created the VIO. The VIO is an ultra stylish sat nav for scooters that skimps on neither design nor functionality.


Available in a choice of seven eye-catching colours and styled to match that retro scooter look, the TomTom VIO pairs with your smartphone and works with the free to download VIO app for Android and iPhone. At a glance, you can see where you’re going, the traffic situation, and caller display if someone phones you.


Once your phone is connected, VIO will use its inbuilt GPS to display on-screen directions, and you can listen to turn-by-turn instructions through a Bluetooth headset. As scooters were built for the city, you can easily avoid taking motorways when you plan your route.

TomTom VIO helps you to avoid congestion by showing you real-time traffic alerts and offering alternate routes so you’re not caught up in a jam.

VIO also boasts lifetime speed camera alerts, helping you to slow down in time and stay safe, whilst also keeping you on the right side of the law by alerting you if you’re travelling too fast.


If someone tries to ring whilst you’re on the road, VIO will display caller ID so you can see at a glance who it is. And as it’s synced to your smartphone, you can listen to and chat with your caller through your Bluetooth headset.


Robust Style

The VIO is weatherproof and can withstand rain, sleet, and snow, and its touchscreen works even when wearing gloves. You also have the option to match your VIO to your scooter, helmet or personal style thanks to its range of seven colourful snap-on cases.

When it comes to mounting your VIO, you have two options; you can either mount it to your scooter’s mirror bar, or the handlebars if you prefer to have it at a lower angle.


The TomTom Vio is the perfect solution to navigating the big city on your scooter. With free lifetime traffic and speed camera updates, it’ll give your ride a whole new lease of life. The TomTom VIO will be available to buy from Halfords at the end of September.

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