In just a few short years, technology has come a long way. From your watch tracking your heart rate to drones delivering parcels, tech is slowly becoming more and more ingrained into our daily lives. (Alas, we’re still waiting on those Mattel hoverboards…)

With this in mind, FŪZ Designs looked at the humble padlock and thought it could be… improved. Updated. Brought screaming into the 21st century. With the earliest known examples of padlocks dating back to 500 BCE, it was high time someone did something about it.

And thus, the Noke was born. This smart padlock uses Bluetooth technology to unlock whenever one of your approved devices is within range. No more remembering keys and combinations; just walk up to your Noke with your phone in your pocket and voilà – it instantly unlocks.

The Noke (pronounced no-key – get it?!) was successfully crowdfunded through Kickstarter in 2014 and has since gone on to take the US by storm. It’s recently hit our shores (and our online store!), so we decided to take a closer look at it.

The key-free padlock

Working on Bluetooth 4.0, Noke unlocks whenever your phone is nearby – you don’t even need to take it out of your pocket. You can give friends and family access to the lock as well, making it ideal for locking things that are accessed by a number of people.



The Noke app enables you to control multiple locks, as well as showing you your lock’s history (when, where, and who unlocked it last). One of the really cool features is allowing a friend to access your Noke at a time, place, and for a duration that you set.


Noke is powered by a standard watch battery, giving you over a year of regular use. Your app will alert you when you need to replace it, and then it’s just a simple task of unlocking and removing the back and popping a new battery in.

Tough Stuff


Noke is tough. It’s made with a boron-hardened shackle which makes it incredibly strong and durable, and it also features the latest anti-shim technology to protect against thieves.

Noke is weather resistant; all of the important components are hidden away internally behind silicone O-rings, keeping them safe from moisture, dirt, and extreme temperatures.

But what if…

…my phone’s battery has run out
When you first receive your Noke you’ll set up a unique series of long and short taps on the shackle. This combination can then be used to unlock it when your phone’s dead.

…my Noke’s battery has died
This is unlikely, but it can happen if you don’t change the battery when the Noke app tells you to. If this does happen, you can use an external battery to jump-start your Noke, placing the battery against two contact points on the exterior of the lock. This will unlock the Noke and allow you to change the battery.

…I don’t have a smartphone
No problem. The people over at FŪZ have created a Bluetooth key fob that works in the same way, unlocking your Noke when you’re in range. It’s also a handy extra to have in case you don’t take your phone with you everywhere.


Noke is absolutely perfect for securing bikes, so much so that the company also created a bike mount for it! You can check out all three of the Noke products on our Marketplace.

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