September marks the start of a new school term and the end of summer (sigh!), and for some of us mums it’s back to work for some peace and quiet…

With a combined effort from a certain chef and his healthy eating scheme, along with some pretty scary statistics about childhood obesity, it’s a great time to get the kids feeling green (and we don’t mean from too many sweets).


We’re all doing our bit for the environment (despite a car boot full of long life bags), and there are loads of fun ways to tackle the school run without delivering them at the school gates looking like a sack of spuds and already exhausted.

If you’re lucky enough to live within walking distance or have a little time to spare, we’re encouraging kids of all ages to forgo four wheels for two and add some fun to the school run!


With the Olympic buzz still heavy in the air, what better a time to give it some pedal to the medal (and we did win 67 of them!). You’ll find a great selection of models with the launch of our collaboration with Bradley Wiggins, suitable for a range of disciplines aged 2-14.

This is not just another range of kids’ bikes; these have been designed by a champion for children of all ages with different goals. Whether they’re starting in the local playground or heading for the Olympic park, these bikes have been tailored to inspire confidence at every stage.

“A Wiggins bike can take you wherever you want it to. From the garage to the gate, or even the greatest. You can fly.” – Bradley Wiggins

If they’ve got the balance but aren’t quite ready for stabilisers, we have over 70 models to take away the nerves and give them their first taste of freedom behind the handlebars.


Summer is a great time to learn whilst we’re blessed with light nights and balmy evenings, and the fun needn’t end as the school day finishes. Hide the iPads and turn off the TV, there are two much smaller wheels to hop on and go! Scooters! You’ll find more than 50 different designs from brilliant brands, and with great reviews from our trusted customers, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

“A noticeable cut above most scooters aimed at young children. Smooth rolling, quiet and durable.” – JD Bug Classic Scooter

Not forgetting the eye-roll-prompting word they all hate…helmets. Whilst we can’t wrap them in cotton wool forever, we can keep those delicate limbs protected as they grow in confidence. Helmets and protection pads are a must, and we can get them ready for the great outdoors before you leave the store! Pop in and see us before the school term starts, you’ll find our helpful staff on hand for all your two wheel needs.

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