Travelling abroad is brilliant. Most of the time. But when you consider the cost, the exchange rate, the flight times and the sunburn, sometimes a staycation looks mighty appealing.

Whether you’ve got a couple of day trips or a week of glamping planned, here are 7 reasons why staycations are awesome.

You get the chance to really explore your local area

going on an adventure

How many times have you walked past a museum, landmark or gallery in your home town and thought to yourself, ‘I really must go there one day!’? Well now you actually have a chance to visit! And even if you’ve already explored all of the local tourist hotspots, you could try Geocaching to discover more of the landscape. Geocaching is a form of treasure hunting brought into the 21st century – all you’ll need is a smartphone with a Geocaching app, some decent footwear, and an adventurous spirit!

The scenery is just… wow


No matter where in the British isles you are, you don’t have to travel very far to find breathtaking scenery. From hills to highlands and forests to fields, there’s a perfect picknicking spot not that far from your front door.

Loads of museums and galleries are FREE!

is it art

The UK has a huge number of museums with free admission, making them a foolproof choice when you’re trying to keep costs to a minimum. In London you have the world-renowned British Museum, Science Museum, and V&A (amongst others), Manchester has the National Football Museum, Edinburgh is home to the National Museum of Scotland, you can visit a coal pit in Blaenafon, Wales, and Coventry boasts the Transport Museum. We also heartily recommend the Natural History Museum in Dublin!

We’re the best at pubs


No other country’s bars can quite compare to the great British pub. Sure, some holiday resorts do their best to recreate them, but they’re always missing… something. Perhaps it’s the beautiful beer garden beside a canal, the giant portions of pie and chips, or the walkers stopping off with their pooches for an afternoon refresh. Whatever it is, nothing beats the great British pub.

We have a crazy amount of history

Skara Brae
Skara Brae neolithic village

Our isles are an absolute treasure trove of history, and whilst we may not boast a Colosseum or a tower to rival Eiffel’s, we certainly hold our own when it comes to historical landmarks. From visiting a neolithic village on the Orkney isles through to viewing the spot where Anne Boleyn lost her head at the Tower of London, our landscape is filled to the brim with history. You can even get up close and personal with some of the island’s earliest inhabitants by taking a trip down to the Jurassic Coast.

You can avoid flying

Scully frustrated

Whilst the aeroplane is undoubtedly one of the biggest wonders of the modern age, the experience is anything but. Luggage limits. Passport hunting. Queues. Endless queues. Taking your shoes off in security. Leg room. Arguing over the window seat. Remembering at the last second you forgot a clear plastic bag but it doesn’t matter because you’ve just realised that you’ve accidentally put the 250ml bottle of sun lotion in your cabin bag.

It’s more relaxing

corgi relaxing

Have you ever gone back to work and answered the ‘How was your holiday?’ question with, ‘It was lovely, but I feel like I need another one to get over it‘? Although a week in the sun has amazing restorative properties, all that packing and travelling can take its toll on your refreshed body. Which is what makes a staycation so perfect; if you feel like having a lazy day, you can!

If you’re staying at home this summer and looking for things to do, we’ve compiled a list of a couple of places that have really grabbed our attention. Check out our Happy Holidays and Favourite Days Out posts for some staycation inspiration, and don’t forget to take a peek at our amazing Camping deals.