Today marks the start of a very special blog series: Crossing Continents.

Two intrepid adventurers, Will and Tom Bibb, are intending to drive around the world in two Citroëns.
Yep. You read that right. The world.

The first leg will take them from London to Tokyo and we’ll be updating you on their journey along the way. To help them reach their final destination, they’ll be taking along some of their trusty Halfords tools – and if the route is anything to go by, we think they’ll need them!

But who are these two chaps, and why have they decided to embark on this life changing journey?

Hailing from the market town of Shrewsbury, brothers Will (21) and Tom (18) both speak of an unquenchable desire to see the world through an unfiltered lens. Despite the arduous and possibly dangerous journey they’re undertaking, the thrill of encountering new countries, continents and cultures in this way is irresistible to them.


Will Bibb, 21

Expedition Role: Team leader: navigation, visas and commercial affairs
Studying: Politics and International Relations, University of York
Interests: Rock music, skiing and winter sports, flying paramotors, historic motor racing
Career: Possibly Sandhurst, then journalism
Heroes: Rory Stewart, John Simpson, Felix Baumgartner, John Buchan, James Hunt, Johnny Wilkinson


Tom Bibb, 18

Expedition Role: Primary video editor, blog writer, travelling busker
Studying: A levels before English and Philosophy at the best uni that’ll have me
Interests: Playing guitar and singing in bands, rugby, skiing and winter sports, acting and travel
Career: Failing music, journalism has attractions
Heroes: David Bowie, Kevin Parker, Jonah Lomu, Michael Palin, John Snow

Why travel?

Will: “The world is a strange and scary place and that is what makes travel fascinating. There will be times where you are broken down in the middle of a foreign country with no knowledge of the language and no phone, but that’s what it’s all about! Travel should be about being outside your comfort zone and pushing yourself. The reward is discovering people and places that amaze. There is only so much you can learn from a book!”

Tom: “I have always had a desire to see new places through my own eyes and experience their atmosphere. I am never satisfied with staying in the same place for too long, and the constantly changing scenery and landscapes should provide much entertainment, each with their own unique qualities.”

What destination are you most looking forward to?

Will: “Everything. I’ve driven to Mongolia before, but this is further south and way further east. I know all deserts are different, but jungles will be all new to me.”

Tom: “There’s so much history along the Silk Road. It was the centre of the world, of commerce and culture. I’m intrigued. In particular it is The Aral Sea in Kazakhstan and the alien land of Siberia and Eastern Russia that attracts me.”

What’s your biggest concern?

Will: “Terrorism, kidnap, land mines, food poisoning, snakes, spiders and crazy drivers – and certain aspects of paramotor flying. Nothing to write home about! But getting airborne will enable filming of the most wonderful and extraordinary landscapes from a wholly different perspective.”

Tom: “Language barriers, particularly involving foreign police. There’s almost no chance of escape in the 2cv if the police get onto us!”


Our two young travellers have already commenced their epic journey and we’re expecting an update within the next week or so (dependent on internet connection!).

Until then, keep an eye on this blog, our Facebook and Twitter for the next instalment of Crossing Continents.

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