Finally getting to tear those L plates up is a pivotal moment in most people’s lives. The day when you’re no longer shackled to mum and dad’s taxi service and finally have that sweet taste of freedom.


Unfortunately, to get to that point you have to go through the rigmarole of learning to drive. Some people simply speed through it, passing their test a week after their 17th birthday. Others take rather a lot longer. And amongst all of this are some incredible stories.

We sent a call out around the office asking for people’s tales, and were bombarded with the funny, the scary, and the downright ridiculous. We’ve compiled our favourites below. And if you’re currently in the process of learning to tame those wheels, take a look at our range of learning to drive stuff.


“When my boyfriend was learning to drive, he had to share lifts to work with colleagues. One morning he was waiting at the side of the road for his friend to pick him up, and he ended up getting into the wrong car…”

“My best mishap was slowing down, then stopping to do a right hand turn off a really busy and fast road. When I came to a stop, the seat fixture broke and I went flying backwards (literally sitting in the back seat with my hands still on the steering wheel and my feet about 1 metre short of the pedals). I had to try and steer us to safety with a seat which was rolling backwards and forwards whilst my driving instructor did the pedals on his side. Learning: Make sure your driving instructor’s car is road-worthy before getting behind the wheel!”


“My second driving instructor got rid of me… I didn’t think I was that terrible but apparently nearly crashing his car and stalling at traffic lights and still being there 5 minutes later while other cars have to drive around you means he’s ‘wasting his time’… funny now, traumatising at the time!”

“When my mum was learning to drive she actually drove into someone’s house, into the front room. A man was sitting there and just said, cool as a cucumber, ‘You could have knocked.'”


“There was a time a few years ago (when I had passed my test!) when me and two of my friends spent a whole half hour (seriously) trying to find out how to fold the seats down in her new car so one of us could get in the back. Then we realised the car had four doors.”

“4 driving instructors, 4 practicals, 4 theory tests… 4 cars down! Think 4 is an unlucky number for me!”


“I passed my test when I was 18, but never drove again until I was 26. To prepare I had some refresher lessons. Within the first ten minutes, I had driven my car into a roundabout.”

“When I was learning to drive I had a terrible habit of looking down to see where the gear stick was, so my driving instructor made me take my lessons at night instead. On the first of these nighttime lessons, I was driving along, went to change gear, and placed my hand on my instructor’s knee instead. We drove the rest of the way in uncomfortable silence.”

Do you have any funny driving stories? Share them with us below!


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