It’s Friday. 5pm. You’re already thinking about kicking off your shoes and relaxing in front of the TV. The very last thing you want is to get caught in that Friday afternoon traffic.

And that’s where TomTom’s MyDrive app comes in. It’s been around for almost a year now and it’s always been good, but with recent software updates it’s become even better and smarter.

You can access MyDrive online and it’s also available as both an app for both Apple and Android smartphones. The idea behind MyDrive was to create somewhere that drivers could get a visual, birds’ eye view of the traffic situation, like this:


That’s not the sight you want to see at 5pm on a Friday! Those little red squiggles – or worms – show you where the hold-ups are. To help make your journey as smooth as possible, you can click on each of those traffic worms to get full details of what the incident is and how long it’s likely to hold you up.

You don’t need to own a TomTom to take advantage of this info; these features are available to everybody. All you need to do is log on to the site to get the information. It’ll also plan your route for you, making it an invaluable piece of kit in your driving arsenal!

If, however, you own a compatible TomTom (such as the current TomTom GO range), you benefit from so much more! In addition to the above, you can plan a route on your app or computer and send it to your TomTom sat nav and when you jump in the car (or on your motorbike if you’re a TomTom Rider owner), your route will automatically plan!


And if that wasn’t magical enough, the app’s recently been updated to be a little smarter. You can tell it where home and work are, and the app will flash up on your phone to let you know if there’s traffic on your route home when it knows you’re thinking about leaving.

If there’s a jam in your way and TomTom Traffic can’t get you around it, it’ll tell you that your journey’s going to take longer than normal and that you should leave earlier, ensuring you’re never late for an appointment!

So maybe it’s not quite magic, but sometimes it feels just a little bit like it!


  1. 4.5 hrs M5 southbound on way to work at Halfords lol. No way out just had to sit and wait.

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