You’ll be forgiven for forgetting to make time for yourself; after all you’ve been spending your time wisely! Nothing keeps you busy quite like caring for a miniature addition to the family. But maybe this summer it’s time to get back to you, whether it’s friendship, fun or fitness. You don’t need to go full throttle back into a world without painkillers and puree, but try to ease your way back into making some time for yourself.


It might feel like you’re a world away from a night out with the girls, but there’s plenty to do in the daytime even if we’ve not been blessed with the best of summers. Why not plan a short cycle route with sufficient stops for chatter and catch-ups. If you want to network a little more and meet other women getting back into cycling, Breeze is a great programme aimed at getting you back on the bike. They’re a network of over a thousand female volunteers organising hundreds of fun, free bike rides up and down the country, every week.


What’s more, we’ve just launched a brand new range of 17 Women’s Bikes, along with four amazing new women’s specific models in collaboration with British Olympian Laura Trott. We also have a beautiful selection of bikes in the Pendleton range, which are a fusion of classic styling with contemporary components. Each range encompasses the personality and drive of each woman, and it just goes to show that wherever you start from, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re heading back to work and looking to start up your morning commute, or trying cycling as a new hobby, we have everything from road bikes to hybrids for all disciplines.


If you’re a little steadier off two wheels, there’s nothing more refreshing than a day in the great outdoors. Chances are you won’t need to look far for a walking trail, even better if it ends at a campsite. Nothing says a night away from the little ones like cosying up beneath the stars and enjoying some good old fashioned fresh air. If you’re in need of inspiration, look no further than our Ultimate Camping Guide. Whether you’re a rookie with a rucksack or a pro with the pegs, there are loads of handy hints and top tips for making your own little haven away from home. And what better an excuse to go camping than with some shiny new camping accessories? You might have missed our launch in collaboration with Orla Kiely, but don’t worry you can still get your hands on the full camping range adorned in her signature, quirky print. Each design in the Olive and Orange collection captures the essence of nature but with a modern, stylish edge.


You can even take the older tots with you! If your family is well on the way, nothing will tire them out quite like a spot of camping. Get them to pitch in with pitching up and the promise of sausages and s’mores on the campfire. They’ll be asking you to go every year!


If fitness is your forte, take a look at our range of exercise equipment. Turbo trainers are added to your bike to amp up your cycling regime, and you don’t even need to leave the house!

Whatever your preferred outlet for some ‘me’ time, make this a summer of fun, friends and fitness. Keep your eyes peeled for our second in the Mummy series for more motivation.


  1. I would like to say thank you to Halfords in Salisbury for an excellent teaching session on bike maintenance for ladies. I would thoroughly recommend the session and have already adjusted my gears, brakes and saddle to be in a better position. I would now be confident to repair a puncture. I dont know if I have the strength to, but at least I know how and now carry the correct kit to do it.
    Thank you again


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