Remember your first bike? The exhilaration you felt taking off on your own. The thrill of that final push; the mixture of adrenaline and excitement that encouraged you to keep pedalling. The first time you felt you could fly.

That exhilarating freedom and inspiring achievement are at the heart of our exciting new junior bike range, designed in collaboration with Bradley Wiggins. The range comprises of 10 bikes, each designed specifically for kids; from the wobbly tots to the budding road racers. Each model has been tailored to enhance the riding experience from the smaller hand grips to keep their little hands in control, to the slick Kenda road tyres for a smoother ride as they take on new terrains. Every detail has been considered whatever stage of their cycling career they’re on; from the garage, to the gate, to the greatest, there’s no stopping them on a Wiggins bike.


Bradley Wiggins is driven to inspire the next generation of cyclists.  In his own words, “I’ve never done anything but ride my bike. I’ve never had another job. Cycling has given me everything. It’s made me the person I am”.

This is by no means just another range of kids’ bikes. This is about creating cherished memories, from losing the stabilisers to stunning a crowd, the opportunities are endless. Choose from Wiggins balance bikes, hybrids and road bikes, each finished to a professionally approved standard.


If they’re just finding their feet, the Wiggins Pau Balance Bike is a great starter model. The bike’s ultra-lightweight frame makes it perfect for tots that are getting to grips with the art of balance, and a hidden rear brake ensures tiny feet won’t get caught. Low profile fixings with smooth edges and a handlebar limiter will keep your little one safe, and a carrying handle for mum or grandpa will come in handy when tiredness sets in. Bradley’s Pau is the perfect bike to begin a lifelong love of cycling upon.


For those on the trail of adventure, the Wiggins Chartres Kids’ Hybrid Bike is the perfect machine for kids to get out and explore the world with their friends and family on. An ultra-lightweight double butted alloy frame is complemented by powerful disc brakes, providing reliable stopping power for adventure seekers. Dual trigger Shimano Altus gear shifters are just right for kids who are quickly growing in their cycling confidence, and the all-terrain hybrid tyres can easily be changed to more rugged mountain bike tyres, making this the perfect ‘do anything’ bike.


And if they’re more of a roadster, the Wiggins Rouen Kids’ Road Bike is the perfect bike to begin their road journey on. Taking inspiration from Bradley’s own bikes, the Rouen features a lightweight frame with the signature ‘reverse’ Wiggins fork. 8 speed Shimano Claris gearing provides the perfect range to help them keep up with their friends, and right- and left-hand matching microshift levers prepare them for the day they graduate up to an adult road bike. Slick Kenda road tyres create a speedy ride, whilst the Tektro dual pivot calliper brakes can always be relied on for responsive stopping power. Bradley’s Rouen will ensure your budding cyclist feels on top of the world whilst they’re atop two wheels.

These bikes have been built to make cycling as easy and enjoyable as possible. Whether you’re still guiding them along or if you’ve sent them on the road to independence, rest safe in the knowledge that they are on a Wiggins bike.

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