Laura Trott is an athlete at the top of her game. Aged just 24, her list of achievements is already off the scale. And now she’s adding another one.


The 1st of July marks the launch of a range of new women’s bikes created in collaboration with Laura and exclusive to Halfords. These bikes are a fusion of style, performance and passion, aimed at the woman who wants to get something more out of her cycle rides.

Consisting of three road bikes and one hybrid, this range is aimed at all female cyclists; from those looking to get fit with their friends, through to those who want a high-performance road racer.


When discussing the range, Laura’s passion for creating something just for women shines through. These new designs embody both her personality and an understanding of the female form. Each bike features female-specific geometry and components in order to enable each rider to push themselves further and smash that goal.

When commenting on bikes that aren’t specifically designed for women, she notes, “The frame, the seat; everything feels a bit strange.”

And strange is the last feeling Trott wants to instil when you’re behind the handlebars, “When I’m cycling I feel free. Free to relax, to escape, to challenge or to compete.”

Females don’t need to be pigeon-holed into a specific category; we need the freedom to explore and develop ourselves and that is at the heart of this range. Whether you cycle to relax or to compete at the highest level, these bikes were created for women who want something more.


“This isn’t just another range of women’s bikes, this is a promise to inspire and enable female riders to go and enjoy riding to the max.”

In every weld, in every carefully chosen component, in every pop of colour, there’s something to inspire female cyclists of all levels. A harmony of comfort and style, these bikes perform phenomenally on the road, on the trails, or on the track. Through Laura’s unique creative outlook, you are no longer bound by the limits of your bike; it’s your choice to go further.


Whether you want to ride away the stresses of the day, compete amongst friends, or even take it to the top, there’s a bike in the range for you. When you choose a Laura Trott bike, you are signing up to win at your own game. And then who knows? Push the boundaries of what you can achieve. From home to the velodrome, there’s no stopping you.

Let’s go girl.

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