It’s nearing the end of the month and we’re nearing the fear of #emptypockets. But with every new payday comes some great deals to boot! We want you to get your hands on the things you’ve loved all month, and there’s no better time to treat yourself than when the bank is full and the website is bursting with wonderful products!

It’s easy to get carried away when midnight ticks over on payday, and that quick dash to your favourite site during lunch can soon become more costly than you might have planned. Before you get stuck into our great deals this month, take a quick look at our top tips for shopping smart on payday.


  1. Relax, take it easy

We all love the feeling of full pockets, and it’s hard to resist the urge to run out and buy ALL OF THE THINGS. But before payday arrives, try to have an idea of what you’d like to buy this month, and whether it’s in your budget. That way, when your money goes in, you’ll rest safe in the knowledge that you can afford to splurge on that one thing you really want and save on the rest.

  1. #Filter

So you’ve got your hero product in mind, you land on the website, search and find it in seconds. But did you know you can filter out products from the main menu to give you more options? It may be that you find what you’re looking for, but another product in the same category is the one for you. By selecting the features you’re after and editing out the rest, you’ll see an edit of the best products, all within your price range and inclusive of the components you wanted.

  1. Sign up & Save

Did you know you can create your very own personal space on By creating an account you can store all your details, including your address, payment details and vehicle registration, so we can help you find the right parts for your car time after time, and save time when shopping with us in future. We all love a speedy checkout, and this way you’re not restricted to ten items or fewer! (Not to mention no annoying, “unexpected item in bagging area”.) By logging in you can access your order history, track products after purchasing and enjoy a safe, secure checkout each time.

  1. Help!

If you’re unsure about a product, or want to know a little more before you spend your hard earned cash, we have a helpful hub of advice and answers, written by our in-the-know pros. You’ll find everything from buyers’ guides to expert advice, all in easy to digest articles compiled to make your virtual shopping trip that little bit easier. Our FAQ section has been created using questions asked by you, the customer, to ensure a happy Halfords experience is had by all.

  1. Blog 101

Have you been here before? You’ll often find sneak peeks for new range launches and loads of other fun stuff right on this homepage. Keep your eyes peeled for new products dropping and stay ahead of the crowd by following us on Social. When it comes to payday you might find some of the great products we feature on the blog with discounts!


Head over to our website to find out all the deals we have on just in time for payday.

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