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Although it’s common knowledge that you mustn’t drink and drive, the ‘morning after the night before’ can still easily catch drivers out. 51% of drivers have unintentionally drink-driven the morning after, and 1 in 5 drink drive prosecutions happen the morning after – almost double what it was 10 years ago. This is where breathalysers come in. Read on to find out more about our two favourite devices that’ll keep you safe and on the right side of the law.

Launched in December last year, the AlcoSense Pro and Ultra are two portable alcohol breath testers that are fresh from winning the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016. This prestigious award goes to products of exceptional design that are innovative, functional, and eco-friendly, amongst others. Previous winners include industry heavyweights such as Dell, LG, Apple and Porsche. And now AlcoSense, a small British manufacturer, has beaten off stiff competition to win awards for not one, but two of its products!


But what makes the AlcoSense testers stand out?

Both the Pro and the Ultra pack a serious amount of tech inside their tiny frames. The Ultra is the first true consumer breathalyser that uses exactly the same sensor present in several Police breathalysers approved for use in the UK, US and Europe, resulting in unrivalled accuracy. The Pro uses a slightly smaller version of exactly the same sensor, giving it Police pedigree at a fraction of the price of a Police device.

Both boast an ‘advanced sampling system’ to measure blow pressure, flow rate, and volume. And they only take a reading after one litre of air has been exhaled, providing you with the most accurate result possible.

Pressure Volume

Then there’s BlowCoach, AlcoSense’s patent-pending technology that gives you feedback; ensuring that you’re blowing correctly and giving you reasons as to why your test failed if it does. This dramatically improves the user experience and makes using the breathalyser a piece of cake.

Choose CountryOur favourite thing about them, though, is their ability to be used anywhere in the world! At the click of a button you can change the country you’re driving in, and they’ll automatically update their levels according to local law. And if a limit changes, a simple software update will get them back on track. This makes them absolutely perfect if you’re heading abroad this summer. (Please note that these are still awaiting NF-approval; if you’re heading to France then the AlcoSense Single Use NF Breathalyser is what you’ll need.)

With easy to understand results letting you know if you’re ok to drive – and if not, letting you know how long until you’ll be sober – the AlcoSense Pro is a brilliant choice for anyone who isn’t sure of their alcohol tolerance, or would like to stay on the right side of the law whilst travelling.

The AlcoSense Ultra also comes with 100 mouthpieces worth £40 and a carry case worth £10, making it a great value buy with its increased accuracy and Police sensor.

To celebrate their award, the kind folks at AlcoSense have provided us with one Ultra and one Pro breathalyser to give away! Head over to our Facebook post to enter. Good luck!


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