It’s that time of year again.

We dust off our passports and flee to warmer shores.

After the stress of booking, packing and airport car parking, we arrive – sunhat in hand, flip flopping to the check in desk.

We watch as the young and free dance into duty free without a care in the world. A smooth transition from browsing to breakfast to boarding.

Then there’s us. The tired, luggage-laden, struggling-to-adult parents.

Whilst we can’t take away the ‘are we there yets?’ or the ‘can I haves?’ Trunki tries to relieve the trials of travelling with the world’s first ride on children’s suitcase.


Designed with safety in mind, Trunki combines fun and practicality for an innovative solution to travelling with toddlers.  This unique product has won over 100 awards and is regularly handed five star reviews from our valued Halfords customers,

Very pleased with this item. I have a very active toddler and this removes the need to take a buggy with me through security at airports – plus it carries a decent amount of toys for distraction on flights.” – Jaffa7777

“Such a great product, from a great quality case to a fun toy to keep them busy it is a complete all rounder.” – Leeca

Trunki awards.png

Each Trunki comes in a colourful character or design, built with the same high quality materials as an adult’s suitcase but light enough to carry when the little ones get tired.

Featuring a grab handle for those last minute dashes to the departure gate, and a longer tow strap for a more leisurely pace, the Trunki doubles up as a carry on companion and is recognised as hand luggage by most airlines.

Say hello to your new holiday helper and goodbye to left luggage. They’ll never want to travel without their trusty Trunki again.

Airport_pink and blue_tow.jpg

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about them running away with the Trunki Toddlepak reigns. Easy to fit and securely fastened in one quick movement, the super cute designs are a fun and comfortable way to keep them by your side, with no risk of a mini Houdini escape!

Or if you’re hiring a car on the other side, the Trunki Snoozihead seatbelt pads are a cool way to keep them safe and sound. With a built in pouch for their mp3 players, you’ll be free to enjoy your journey with a happy brood on board.

Find 20% of Trunki site wide until Monday 30th May*.

*Discount already applied

*Excludes approved partners


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