“Anything worth having is going to make you work for it”, says self-made artist Rob Draper.

What started as a creative outlet for Rob has now launched him into the limelight with his unique lettering and artistic flair.

‘Doodling’ from age 10, Draper cites break dancing and graffiti as one of the encouraging reasons for him to draw, “This thing landed from America – Hip Hop, and I was hooked. All of a sudden there was a home for all these letters and words I was drawing and it stuck with me”.

For the next 15 years Rob would progress his career through various design roles; designer, magazine designer, senior designer, art director, creative designer, the list goes on. But before all of this, Rob’s first job was at Halfords.

“My first job as a teenager was at Halfords building bikes, and it was always going to be a career in art or cycling so the two coming together is great.”

To celebrate the launch of three new Voodoo BMX bikes, Draper has put pen to frame for one lucky winner to get their hands (and feet) on. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on how you could win!

“It’s really exciting; you know it’s going to be a great project when the client gives you bikes instead of a sketch book.”


Originally Draper intended to start designing t-shirts for cyclists, but as an aside coffee cups replaced clothing and Instagram became his shop window. His first post titled ‘Phone doodles. Wednesday’ published in November 2012, is a humbling insight into the kind of guy he is.

“‘Play working’ is one of the best ways of pushing yourself, doing what you love for your own enjoyment and seeing where it takes you.”


And it’s certainly taken him far. Draper has requests from around the world asking for his unique illustrations on all sorts of weird and wonderful things, “Food is the trickiest. It looks so easy on Instagram but behind the scenes you ruin so many pens!”.

So how did he go from bread to bikes?

“This is the perfect project for me. I was one of the first generation of BMX riders in this country, the Raleigh burner era. I hung up my BMX wheels a few years ago but I still cycle daily and keep talking myself out of buying another bike!”

Perhaps we can tempt him with one of our upgraded Voodoo models; highlights include 3-piece Chromo cranks and colour wall tyres, and an option to add unique personalisation with the Voodoo BMX sticker pack which is now available.


Are you a budding designer? Would you love to see your designs on one of our bikes in the future? Here are some wise words from the man himself,

“If you want to make it happen, work out what it is and then work out the steps to getting there. Hard work, dedication and motivation will get you there!”

The new Voodoo BMX Zaka, Malice and Rune are available now with our web exclusive ‘spend and save’ offer till Monday 23rd May. Click here to find out more.

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