There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline rush that comes with a flash sale.

Those two little words soon become three; ready, set, go! The dulcet tones of the countdown clock play in your mind whilst you excitedly add items to your basket.

The challenge: bag the best deals before they sell out.

The reality: buy things you don’t need simply because they’re cheaper and return them soon after.

At Halfords we want you to make the most of how to shop smart in a flash sale. Here are our top tips for keeping your cool when the clock starts ticking.

Remember the three P’s

  1. Be Prepared

Sometimes you might stumble upon a flash sale without knowing about it beforehand, but if you can it’s worth signing up to your favourite sites so that you’re always in the loop. If you catch wind of a flash sale coming up, create an account in advance to give yourself more time to shop when the sale stars. Saving your personal details means there’s one less thing to do when your basket is full and you’re ready to check out. It also makes for a smooth transaction next time you return to shop!

Register under ‘My Account’ here

2. Shop with Purpose

So you’ve landed on a flash sale with ten minutes to go. The adrenaline kicks in and you bag everything in sight, but try to shop smart under pressure. Although there’s the thrill of a bargain, it’s worth having an idea of what you would want or need if the opportunity arose. Flash sales are a great way to shop if you might not have the money to buy what you want at full price. Budgeting is another smart move when it comes to planning ahead for stress free shopping.


3. Make your Purchase

You’ve reflected on your choices and you’re happy to check out. Hoorah! You’ve spotted a fantastic product and snapped it up at a great price. Now all that’s left to do is click and collect then enjoy your shiny new…well that’s up to you!

Here at Halfords we like to soften the blow where we can, so you’ll find some great deals this payday. You’ll find a mo-terrific 20% off all motoring this morning between 11am-1pm. We also have 15% off all tools between 1-3pm to give you a hand with your DIY dilemmas, and all our Advanced Tools come with a lifetime guarantee, to see you from your first flat to your family home. There are other exciting deals dropping every two hours till 9pm so keep your eyes peeled at throughout the day.

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