If you don’t look after your car’s paint over time, you can be left with a poor, dull finish. Restoring your paint can seem like a daunting task at first, but it can be much easier than you think.

Now is the perfect time to get your car ready for spring, so our friends at Meguiar’s have put together a series on how to get your car looking showroom fresh again. Read on to find out how they restored a faded Vauxhall Corsa C with their easy-to-use products.


This Corsa left the production line with gleaming red paint back in 2004, fast forward to today and it now sports a patchy pink hue. Is it possible to bring paint this faded back to life? Let’s find out…

Using products like the Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash and Wax, you can remove loose dirt and grime from the surface of paint.  Do not use dish washing detergent as it strips wax protection and vital oils from the paint.

Now, time for the first step of paint restoration: using a clay bar.  Clay is an essential step in preparing the paint prior to any swirl or scratch removal. It’s a quick and easy way to remove tree sap, road tar and industrial fallout. Meguiar’s always recommends using a clay bar before attempting any cutting or compound.


Apply Meguiar’s Quik detailer to the surface and run the clay bar with light pressure over the surface and watch the contaminants disappear.

NOTE: Don’t use water as a lubricant and if you drop a clay bar, discard it.


With the surface prepped, it’s time for the real fun to begin. Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound is loaded with paint cleaners specifically formulated to revive tired and faded paint.


Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound is applied using the MT320 Dual Action Polisher and a 5in Soft Foam Polishing Disc. Almost instantly the paint is rejuvenated! Depending on how severely deteriorated the car’s paint is, it may require two or more applications to achieve a glossy, consistent finish.


Using the bonnet as an example, you can see just how quickly and easily the paint is corrected using the right combination of Meguiar’s products.


Impressed? Stay tuned for the next step in the process, where Meguiar’s show us how to protect our newly-restored paintwork. For now, head over to our site to check out our range of Meguiar’s products.


Product Summary

Quik Clay Starter Kit

  • Creates a smooth-as-glass surface.
  • Makes Compounds, Polishes & Waxes glide on and last longer.

Ultimate Compound

  • Safely removes paint defects such as oxidation, scratches, water spots and blemishes.
  • Dramatically reduces the time and effort required to restore a neglected paint finish.

MT320 Dual Action Polisher

  • Digital torque management electronically adjusts torque to maintain speed.
  • New billet counter weight ensures precision and balance.
  • The dual action orbit and rotation mean that you never have to worry about damaging paint.
  • Enables users to get professional results at home.

5” Soft Buff Foam Polishing Disc

  • Improved foam technology eliminates minor surface defects, whilst restoring gloss.
  • The perfect pad for the application of polishes.

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